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 Volume XXVI, Number 1 February 2006

Uneasy Tolerance: Interreligious Relations in Bulgaria After
the Fall of Communism
Ina Merdjanova
Download Ottoman Millet, Religious Nationalism, and Civil Society: Focus on Kosovo
James R. Payton, Jr.
Adamant and Treacherous: Serbian Historians on Religious Conversions
Bojan Aleksov 
Religion Classes in State Instututions in Post-Soviet Russia
Joseph A. Loya. O.S.A. 
Book Reviews:

Dennis J. Dunn. The Catholic Church in Russia: Popes, Patriarchs, Tsars and Commissars. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate Publishing Company, 2004.
- Reviewed by Daniel L. Schlafly, Jr.

Ivan Cvitkovič: Konfesija u ratu [Religion in War] Sarajevo, Zagreb: Svjetlo riječi and Interreligijska služba Oći u oći, 2004; 223 pp.

Vjekoslav Perica: Balkan Idols - Religion and Nationalism in Yugoslav States. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002, 332 pp.
- Reviewed by Mitja Velikonja

Leslie László. Church and State in Hungary, 1919-1945. Budapest, International Society for Encyclopedia of the Church in Hungary, 2004. (METEM Books, Nr. 47.) pp 400.
- Reviewed by Csaba Fazekas

 Volume XXVI, Number 2 May 2006

Download Religious Anti-Semitism in Romanian Fascist Propaganda
Georgetta Pana
The Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Holocaust: Addressing Common Misconceptions
Pavel Stefanov
Faith, Action and Inaction During the Holocaust
Suzanne Brown Fleming
Religious Freedom since 1905 - Any Progress in Russia?
Irina Budkina
Religion, Public Life and the State in Putin's Russia
Alexey D. Krindatch
Book Reviews:

Andrzej de Lazari. ed. Ideas in Russia. Polish-Russian-English Lexicon, ed., vol. 1-5, Warsaw: Semper, 1999-2003.
- Reviewed by Mikhail Sergeev

Vladimir I. Kurashov, Philosophy and Russian Mentality: Philosophical Thought in Russia on the Edge of the 21st Century, Kazan': Kazan' State Technological University, 1999.
- Reviewed by Mikhail Sergeev

Leonid N. Stolovich, Pluralism v filosofii i filosofiia pluralizma, [Pluralism in Philosophy and Philosophy of Pluralism], Tallinn: Ingri, 2005, 336 pp.
- Reviewed by Mikhail Sergeev

Leonid N. Stolovich, Istoriia russkoi filosofii: Ocherki, [History of Russian Philosophy: Essays], Moscow: Respublika, 2005, 495 pp.
- Reviewed by Mikhail Sergeev

Volume XXVI, Number 3 August 2006

Download Inventing Ecumenism? Inter-Confessional Dialogue in Transylvania, Romania in the 1960s
Anca Şincan
Finding a Balance between Church and Academia: Baptist Theological Education in Estonia
Toivo Pilli
The Role Of Religion in Coping wth the Trauma of Political Persecution: The Case of Estonia
Tõnu Lehtsaar and Heino Noor
Book Reviews:

Heather J. Coleman, Russian Baptists & Spiritual Revolution 1905-1929. Bloomington IN: University of Indiana Press, 2005. 304pp.
- Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky

Walter W. Sawatsky and Peter F. Penner, eds. Mission in the Former Soviet Union. Schwarzenfeld, Germany: Neufeld Verlag, 2005.
- Reviewed by John E. White

 Volume XXVI, Number 4 November 2006

What went right: Two best cases in Islam - Cordoba, Spain and Sarajev, Bosnia
Gerald Shenk
Religious Liberty in Comparative Perspective: The Catholic Church's Theological Odyssey and the Bases of the Social Concept of the Russian Orthodox Church
Laurie Johnston
Ecumenical Attributes of Methodism in the Czech Lands
Joyce Michael
Reports of the Communication Service of the Department for External Church Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate on the Work of the Commission for the Investigation of the Crisis in the Diocese of Sourozh
Will the Ecumenical Ship Sink?
Bishop Hilarion (Alfeyev)