Religion in Eastern Europe

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 NOTE: All "downloads" are PDFs that require Acrobat Reader, which you can download here.

Volume XXIX, Number 1 February 2009

 Download Erasing the Past: Destruction and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in Former Yugoslavia. Part II
Igor Ordev
 Download Religious Identity and the Gospel of Reconciliation
Miklós Tomka


"Christianity and Socialism Are Not Opponents": The Propaganda Offensive in Berlin-Brandenburg under Soviet Occupation Concerning 'Religious Freedom' under Communism
Sean Brennan


Book Reviews:

Ivan Cvitković, Socijalna naučavanja u religijama [Social Doctrines in Religions], Sarajevo: Nacionalna i univerzitetska biblioteka Bosne i Hercegovine, 2007. 333pp.
-Reviewed by Harun Kar

Various Authors: La Slovacchia e la Sede nel XX secolo: Atti del Convegno promosso dall 'Ambasciata della Repubblica Slovacca presso la Santa Sede in occasione del V anniversario della firma dell' Accordo Base tra la Repubblica Slovacca e la Santa Sede. [Slovakia and the Holy See in the XX century] Rome: Vatican Publishing House, 2008.
-Reviewed by Francesco La Roca

 Volume XXIX, Number 2 May 2009


Orthodox Resurgence: Civil Religion in Russia
John P. Burgess

Download Patriarch Kirill and Ecumenism
Barbara Hallensleben

Marxism-leninism Lives and Prevails in the Church
Anonymous Clergy Document


Christian Mission in Post-communism: Missiological Implications and the Bulgarian Context
Viktor Kostov


Book Reviews:

REGION AND EDUCATION III: Education and Church in Central-and Eastern-Europe at First Glance and REGION AND EDUCATION IV: Religion and Values in Education in Central and Eastern Europe both edited by Gabriella Pusztai. Debrecen: Center for Higher Education Research and Development, University of Debrecen, Hungary, 2008. Paperback, 220 and 455 pp respectively.
-Reviewed by : Nóra Veronika Németh and Tímea Ceglédi

 Download  Document: Open Letter of Protest from Kyrgyz Churches, March 15, 2009

Volume XXIX, Number 3 August 2009


On Religious Freedom in the Slovak Republic
Lubomir Martin Ondrasek


Christian Faith, Nonviolence and Ukraine's Orange Revolution: Case Study of the Embassy of God Church
Svetlana Filiatreau


Differences in Evaluation of Post-Communist Worldview Shift Model by Parachurch Ministries Leaders in Ukraine
Sergei Golovin

Download Family Formation Issues in the Former Soviet Union: Therapeutic Challenges
Dennis O. Bowen, D. Russell Bishop, Lydia L. Bowen

Book Review:

Ines Angeli Murzaku: Returning Home to Home: The Basilian Monks of Grottaferrata in Albania. Italy, Grottaferrata, Avaλεκτα Kρυπtoφeρρρησ, 2009.
-Reviewed by Francesco La Rocca


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