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Volume XXX, Number 1 February 2010

Download An Analysis of the Publishing Activity of Keston Institute in the Context of its Last Three Years of Operation in Oxford (2003-2006)
Davorin Peterlin
Download The Romanian Orthodox Church: Post Communist Transformation
Theodor Damian


Which Orthodox, Whose Islam: Journalistic Accounts Versus Scholarly Analysis
Ina Merdjanova

Download Characteristics of Development of Inter-confessional Relations in Ukraine
Maksym Vasin

Book Review:

Giovanni Codevilla, Lo Zar e il Patriarca: I rapporti tra trono e altare in Russia dalle oregini ai giorni nostri.[The Tsar and the Patriarch: The relations between throne and altar in Russia from the origins to the present day] Milan: R.C. Edizioni La Casa di Matriona, 2008.
-Reviewed by Francesco La Rocca

Volume XXX, Number 2 May 2010


Initiatives of TV Ethics Control by Religions in Russia: Challenges for Implementation
Victor M. Khroul
Download Calvin and Eastern Europe: What Happened?
James R. Payton
Download Reflections on the Urgency of Theological Education In the Former Soviet Union - After 20 Years
Walter Sawatsky


Book Reviews:

Constantine Simon, S.J.: Pro Russia: The Russicum and the Catholic Work for Russia. Rome: Orientalia Christiana Analecta 283, Pontifical Oriental Institute, 2009
-Reviewed by Francesco La Rocca

Toivo Pilli: Dance or Die: The Shaping of Estonian Baptist Identity under Communism, Studies in Baptist History and Thought, Vol. 37, Milton Keynes, Colorado Springs, Hyderabad: Paternoster, 2008. 295pp.
-Review by Valdis Teraudkalns


Blogs & Documents:

Draft Law on Missionary Work Opens the Way to Soviet-style Repression, Religious Groups Say
Paul Goble

About the Struggle Between the "Lower" and "Upper"
Viktor Yelenskyy

Interview with Dr. Yurii Reshetnikov, Leader of State Committee on Nationalities and Religions

Volume XXX, Number 3 August 2010


Croatian Catholic Church and its Role in Politics and Society
Thomas Bremer

Download Using an Ancient Saint for Contemporary Political Purposes: The Case of Irenaeus of Sirmium in Sremska Mitrovica Today
Marijana Vuković
Download Good Neighbor Inculturation of Religious Communities in West Pomerania
Joachim v. Wedel
Download Conservative Neo-Protestants: Romanian Nazarenes in Serbia
Aleksandra Durić Milovanović

Book Reviews

Čikeš, Radovan, Vzt'ahy štátu a cirkυí na Slovensku. Súčasné usporiadanie a trendy υo υýυoji υzt'ahu štátu a cirkυí. [State-Church Relations in Slovakia. The Current Structure and Trends in the Development of State-Church Relations.] Bratislava: The Institute for State-Church Relations. 2010. 120 pp. ISBN: 978-80-89096-43-5
-Reviewed by Lucia Grešková.

Petr Petrovich Vibe, et al eds. Istoriia i etnografiia nemteυ υ Sibiri. [History and Ethnography of Germans in Siberia.] Omsk: Izd. Omskogo gosudarstvennogo istorio-kraevedcheckogo muzeia, 2009. 752pp. ISBN: 978-5-9901296-2-7.
-Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky.

Download IN MEMORIAM - Dr. Davorin Peterlin (1959-2010)

Volume XXX, Number 4 Novermber 2010


The Current Crisis in Protestant Theological Education in the Former Soviet Union
Mark R. Elliott


Catholic Diaspora in the Russian Media: "Marginalization" from Outside and "Self-silencing" from Inside
Victor Khroul


Constitutional Background for State Funding of Church Schools and Teachers of Public Education in Hungary
Béla Szathmáry


Ohrid 2010: the Second World Conference on Inter-religious and Inter-civilization Dialogue
James R. Payton, Jr. and Paul B. Mojzes


Book Review

George B. Michels & Robert L. Nichols, eds. Russia's Dissident Old Believer 1650-1950. A Modern Greek Studies Yearbook Supplement, Number 19, 2009, University of Minnesota. Minneapolis MN. 316pp.
-Reviewed by Walter Swatsky


In Memoriam: Rev. Paul F. Wilson (1935-2010)



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