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Wellness Survey

Did your participation result in any new or improved healthy habits or results?

What did you find the most helpful about the Wellness Challenge? (Check all that apply.)

Would you prefer the challenge to be:

What would increase your motivation to stick with your wellness program? (Check all that apply.)

Did you use the score sheet provided for keeping track of points?

Did you find the scoring system:

What is the most valuable role that you see the Wellness Challenge playing?

Would you like to participate in the Wellness Challenge next year (this question is for informational purposes only and does not sign you up for next year)?

Would you like to be involved in the Wellness Challenge planning committee over the summer and into next year?

If yes, please enter your name and e-mail address. (If you would like this survey to remain anonymous, but would still like to participate on the planning committee, please e-mail Andrea Byerley.)