Getting Unstuck - Selah 2012 - A Seminar for Women

Breakout Sessions

Cathy Roberts
Creating Your Purpose Statement

Are you wondering how to discover and live out your God-given purpose in your everyday life? This session will provide practical exercises that will help you get unstuck and provide a compass for decision making as you discern which of the opportunities before you are really a good fit and will help you to live life to the fullest for the glory of God.

Pamela Havey Lau
Water From a Rock: When the Presence of God Brings Forgiveness

Jesus said if you forgive others when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you ... When we secretly live with not forgiving others, we are simply demanding our own way with God. This leads to a hardened heart. This session is designed to call us back into the presence of God where we can receive His forgiveness so He can show us how we can live abundantly and joyfully as we forgive others!

Donna Buhrow
Getting Unstuck Spiritually

Oftentimes we feel as though our lives are enslaved by fear, shame and hurt. We base our self-esteem on past experiences and feel trapped in lives that are incomplete, inadequate and lack fulfillment. The good news is God has provided a solution that will help you rewrite your story, gain freedom from the chains of the past, reclaim your true identity in Christ, and engage in life with freedom, meaning and a hope for the future.

Diana Greene
Undivided Heart

Break free! Become unstuck! Discover the four emotions for an extraordinary life. Gain a new perspective. Make decisions for action!

Stefanie Stern and Panel
Being Available for the Great Commission: The Spiritually Life-changing Impact of Missions

Part of getting unstuck in our own lives is being available to take risks and step into the lives of others - including those in other cultures. Come hear from women in different phases in the "journey" of pursuing missions and how they have experienced heart change through embracing the Great Commission both locally and abroad, through short-term and longer-term mission trips.

Lori Clark, Agape Church of Christ
Getting Unstuck from an Abusive Relationship: Present or Past

This class will identify and help women find spiritual healing from controlling relationships. God is the author of peace even when relationships become abusive.

Laurie Sheffield
The Kids Are Packed, I'm Stuck Here with This Man ... Who Is He and What in the World Do I Do Now?

What’s the best "going-away" present we can give our kids when it's empty nest time? Strong marriages back at home! Whether your kids are young or grown, we need to be ready to enjoy and embrace the man we are raising them with! We'll talk about divorce-proofing our marriages and making sure we know the man we live with. If you don't, then we’ll teach you ways to get reacquainted. In God's Word there is so much he tells us about marriage. We don't have to figure this out alone!

Bev Hislop
Shepherding Women in Pain – Real Women. Real Issues and What You Need to Know to Truly Help Women in Pain

For all women who minister to women, either formally or informally

Domestic abuse, eating disorders, same-sex attraction – the list is long. They have become part of a day's work for women and men in ministry. Yet, no one prepared you for this aspect of ministry to women.

A physical wound is more quickly healed under the care of a physician who has both the medical understanding of how the body responds to injuries and the skill to provide an antiseptic environment for healing. In a similar way, an emotional wound is more likely to heal in the care of shepherds who understand the critical aspects of the "injury" and the appropriate insights that foster healing. This workshop is designed to give you some of those insights.

Jan Marshall
Not So Different as You Think

This seminar discusses the commonness of addiction to both genders and all cultures and offers the solution of full freedom through the oldest means of all: biblical recovery.

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