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Roger Nam

Roger Nam

Associate Professor of Biblical Studies


I am fascinated by the historical and social contexts that surround the Bible’s textualization. Consequently, I have centered my research on fields that help me to approach a more native understanding of the biblical world. I work primarily on understanding the nature of economy in the ancient Near East, particularly as reflected in biblical and extra-biblical texts. I work secondarily on Late Bronze Age civilizations, social scientific approaches to the Bible and inner-biblical exegesis. I recently completed my first book, Portrayals of Exchange in the Book of Kings (Leiden: Brill, 2012), which examines the social structures that undergird the economy of ancient Israel.

In my classes, you can expect an emphasis on historical contexts of the Bible with the understanding that such informed positions can sharpen our exegesis and ultimately lead us to a richer theology. Pedagogically, I like to structure my courses with a wide variety of methods: lectures with multimedia, collaborative exercises and small-groups. I also believe that quality theological education necessitates a greater learning community. I treasure the opportunity to instill a passion for biblical texts, and the ability to think about them critically.

Academic Background

BA, Economics, UCLA (1992); MDiv, General Assembly Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Seoul, Korea (1997); ThM, Fuller Theological Seminary (2003); PhD, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA (2008)

Expertise and Research Interests

Ancient Near Eastern Economies, Comparative Semitics, The Deuteronomistic History, Levantine Archaeology, Qumran, Social Scientific approaches to the Bible

Research Bibliography and Select Presentations

Publications and Presentations

Course Information

BIST 506 Old Testament I: Torah and Former Prophets
BIST 507 Old Testament II: Latter Prophets and Writings
BIST 508 New Testament I: Gospel and Acts
BIST 509 New Testament II: Romans- Revelation
BIST 535 Hebrew Readings
BIST 542 Biblical Theology
BIST 550 The Old Testament and Ancient Near East
SFAD 585 Critical Spirituality

Outside the Classroom

Since moving to Lake Oswego in 2008, I continue to enjoy exploring the sights, sounds and tastes of the Pacific Northwest with my wife, Samantha, and our two sons, Jared and Asher. In many ways, I feel like my interests are paradoxical: I watch the Food Network and outdoor survival shows, but I am a novice at cooking and camping. I hate running but I recently participated in my first Hood-to-Coast relay. I love living and working in Portland, but I frequently find myself on excursions to Seattle or the Oregon Coast. I enjoy basketball, but the day after rec league, my body tells me that it’s time to get serious about golf!