A Place to Belong - Angie Fadel

Worship Service at The Bridge, PortlandAngie Fadel

Angie is the pastor of The Bridge in Portland and continues to call the poor, artistic, disillusioned and ignored into community. She is mindful that these qualities have little to do with financial resources but recognizes that they are common to all of our lives. Angie provides a home for the marginalized, a place for each person to participate – a place for them to be known.

As a student, Angie is known by her professors and peers as a thoughtful and compassionate leader. She is mentored and challenged, cared for and encouraged. To be known at George Fox Evangelical Seminary is only the beginning of a student's journey. As our students minister in their churches, ministries, nonprofits and businesses, they seek to know others in the same way they are known at GFES. More importantly, they incarnate the kind of ministry reflected in the life of Jesus, who acknowledged the value of the ignored and forgotten.

"The Bridge Church isn't a consumer-driven experience; it is a community in which you play your part. By coming, it means you belong" (thebridgeportland.org). Angie discovered quickly that, at the seminary, she found a place to belong. Now she is extending that invitation to "be known" and "belong" to those in her church and city.

Through students like Angie, people are reminded that they are not just loved and "known" by others. They awaken to the reality that God knows them and that they, too, have a place to belong.

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