Mission Statement

To form evangelical leaders who cultivate the care of creation in their communities.

What is Christian Earthkeeping?

Christian Earthkeeping is the Church’s response to the ecological crisis and to God’s command to “keep” the Earth (Genesis 2:15).

Why are we doing this?

  • The Earth is endangered.
  • The evangelical Church has been silent.
  • The Bible speaks to our relationship with the Created Order.
  • The Church must respond to God’s command to “keep” the earth (Gen 2:15).
  • Christian leaders need a theological and biblical basis for Earthkeeping.

Check out this article on the program in The Oregonian.

How are we doing this?

  • Provide a 12-credit concentration in Christian Earthkeeping over a two-year period. This can be completed in either our local or online learning communities.
  • Create a community of learning that utilizes two year-long seminars and summer immersion intensives.
  • Facilitate learning in and from the community, the Earth and Scripture.
  • Expose students to a broad spectrum of authors, experts and practitioners.
  • Empower students through theological reflection, spiritual disciplines and community praxis.

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