Students meet face to face for four sessions of 10 days each. This contact time is intended to allow sufficient space for spiritually formative experiences, not just academics. Students participate in each of the four classes for each module.

A spiritual director, David Nixon, leads students in a number of cohort prayer, worship and connection experiences. Additionally, he meets with with student individually for private spiritual direction.

Each of the retreats are hosted at the Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center. Founded in 1945, the center is one of the premier Christian retreat and conference centers on the West Coast.

With a full-time staff of more than 50 dedicated men and women, the center is committed to providing a friendly, comfortable atmosphere where God's people can find refreshment and renewal.

Two meals per day are provided for students while at Cannon Beach with incidentals excepted. Lodging is provided for students at the Ecola Creek Lodge, which is located about a half mile north of the main conference center. Wireless Internet connectivity will be available. Students, however, are responsible for all air-travel and local transport (car rental, taxi, etc) for each of the retreats.

All advances are 10 days and nine nights in length, beginning mid-day Monday and coming to a conclusion by Thursday at 10 a.m.

Sample Face to Face at Cannon Beach Schedule

A typical Retreat schedule is outlined below:

Week 1

Monday, Oct. 15 (arrival day)

2-5:30pm: Program Orientation & computer set-up in G-22. Arrive anytime between 2-5 & allow 30-60 minutes for the set-up.

3-6pm: Check-in for guestrooms.

6-8pm: Welcome Dinner and Cohort Introductions @ Main Dining Rm

Overnight: Lodging provided Monday through Wednesday of the following week

Tuesday, Oct. 16

Note: All times below apply unless listed otherwise in the dates that follow

8:30-9am: Breakfast provided & Introduce Spiritual Director - David Nixon

9am-5pm: DMIN 711/742 class sessions

Noon: Lunch (student responsibility)

5pm: Dinner provided

Vespers: Spiritual director

  • 7:30-8pm: Cohort N with David Nixon (Rm 8, Ecola Creek Lodge)
  • 8-8:30pm: Cohort M with David Nixon (Rm 8, Ecola Creek Lodge)

Wednesday, Oct. 17

7:30am: Cohorts meet with Spiritual Director

  • Cohort M/N - Prayer Chapel

9am-5pm: DMIN 711/742 class sessions

Thursday, Oct. 18

9am-5pm: DMIN 711/742 class sessions

Friday, Oct. 19

9am-5pm: DMIN 714 class session

12:30pm: Lunch provided

12:30pm: ID pictures (LSF N only)

5pm: Dinner (student responsibility)

Saturday, Oct. 20

7:30am: Cohorts M/N meet with Spiritual Director in Prayer Chapel

9am-5pm: DMIN 714 class session

12:30pm: Lunch provided

5pm: Dinner (student responsibility)

Sunday, Oct. 21

Day off

7:30-8pm: Optional Vespers for both cohorts with Spiritual director (Rm 8, Ecola Creek Lodge)

All meals student responsibiity

Week 2

Monday, Oct. 22

9am-5pm: DMIN 713/733 class sessions

Tuesday, Oct. 23

9am-5pm: DMIN 712/741 class sessions

Wednesday, Oct. 24

9am-5pm: DMIN 712/741 class sessions

7pm: Cohort Tips for Success and Evaluation dessert, main dining room

Thursday, Oct. 25 (departure day)

8am: Breakfast provided

11am: Guestroom checkout

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