Leadership Core (18 hours)

The leadership core includes 18 credit hours in practical ministry studies which focus on the church in its global perspective and missional purpose. The courses particularly examine the cultural considerations inherent in Christian mission and leadership.

"A missional church believes that the essential nature and vocation of the church is to be the called and sent people of God in the world. Leaders with this perspective are biblically and theologically astute, skilled in understanding the changes shaping North American society and the global Christian community, and gifted with the courage and endurance to lead God’s people as missional communities."*

* Missional Church. Darrell L. Guder, editor. Eerdmans Publishing Co. 1998.

Spiritual leaders learn to transform the life of the church while being transformed themselves. These foundational principles and processes enable a spiritual leader in any setting to know how to lead as Christ leads.

Biblical/Historical/Theological Component (24 hours)

  • Biblical studies: Covers the entire Old and New Testaments
  • Church history: An entire sweep of church history
  • Theology: Study essentials of Christian theology

Spiritual Formation (6 hours)

The spiritual formation courses are designed to form the student in the image of Christ for the sake of others. Sustainable servant leadership requires that an individual is deeply rooted in Christ with mature moral and spiritual values, an understanding of the special temptations and challenges of leadership, and a humble and measured self-awareness with self-management skills.

Christian Earthkeeping (12 hours)

Christian Earthkeeping is the church’s response to the ecological crisis and God’s command to “keep” the Earth (Genesis 2:15). This 12-hour concentration is designed to form evangelical leaders who will cultivate the care of creation in their communities.

Customized Components (8 hours)

Customization gives the student the ability to design the program to fit his or her particular calling or ministry setting. The customization includes:

  • Three one-credit hours for a supervised coaching experience in the student's ministry setting during the first year
  • Three one-credit hours for a specialized study throughout the second year
  • Two one-credit hours for two professional/church conferences in areas of interest the final year

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