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Customized Components (8 hours)

Customization gives the student the ability to design the program to fit his or her particular calling or ministry setting. The customization includes:
  • Three one-credit hours for a supervised coaching experience in the student's ministry setting during the first year
  • Three one-credit hours for a specialized study throughout the second year
  • Two one-credit hours for two professional/church conferences in areas of interest the final year
  • Students may elect to use their customization hours and elective hours to add a spiritual formation concentration. The concentration prepares students to serve as spiritual guides in the Christian tradition.

Christian Earthkeeping (12 hours)

Christian Earthkeeping is the Church’s response to the ecological crisis and God’s command to “keep” the Earth (Genesis 2:15). This 12 hour concentration is designed to form evangelical leaders who will cultivate the care of creation in their communities.