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Other Concentrations

Christian Earthkeeping

Christian Earthkeeping is the Church’s response to the ecological crisis and God’s command to “keep” the Earth (Genesis 2:15). This 12 hour concentration is designed to form evangelical leaders who will cultivate the care of creation in their communities.

Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

This 12 hour concentration is designed to train discerning and gifted people as spiritual guides in the Christian tradition and develop ministry skills for helping others become more Christlike in their everyday living.

Biblical Studies

If you are interested in a deeper understanding of the biblical text, you can select this 12 hour concentration of in-depth biblical studies courses.

Christian History and Theology

This 12 hour concentration provides the opportunity for specialized study of topics such as Christian ethics, women in church history, history of various traditions and movements, as well as focused study on the doctrine of God, Christ or the Holy Spirit.

Pastoral Studies

A concentration in pastoral studies requires 12 hours of additional pastoral studies or ministry leadership courses to prepare the student for congregational ministry. 

Clinical Pastoral Education and Hospital Chaplaincy

The clinical pastoral education (CPE) concentration prepares students for ministry with people in crisis, particularly in hospitals, prisons, or other organizational settings that hire a chaplain. A student would complete one or more units of CPE training at an accredited institution.

Military Chaplaincy

Most branches of the military require the Master of Divinity degree for their chaplains. The MDiv program is designed to enable the student to prepare for ordination. Those who feel called to military chaplaincy should contact the branch of service in which they desire to serve. The chaplain representative for the area will acquaint you with the scholarships, requirements, and steps toward accomplishing this objective. The student may fulfill concentration hours with summer military chaplaincy training requirements.