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Intercultural Studies Specialization

Intercultural Studies Specialization

The Intercultural Studies specialization should be considered if you:

  • Are drawn to a strong deconstructive/reconstructive element in education
  • Have interest in Indigenous peoples and other cultures and religions
  • Are looking for elements in education that match new ways of doing church
  • Want a diversity of voices in theological education
  • Desire something different than what you might receive in a more traditional classroom
  • Want a deeper theological understanding of Christ and culture

Offered with:

Who It’s For

Graduates interested in Intercultural Studies might serve in a variety of roles, such as:

  • Anthropologically informed community leaders
  • Specialized leaders such as organizational cultural liaisons and intercultural specialists
  • Pastors and church planters in multi-ethnic/intercultural and urban church settings
  • Intercultural missionaries and parachurch ministry personnel
  • Overseas NGO and ministry personnel
  • Any intercultural civil work or work that concerns equality and racism
  • Any vocation where understanding "the other" is needed

You can complete the courses of this specialization within the MA in Theological Studies Christian History and Theology track.

Course Requirements

CHTH 528 Intercultural Studies I: Cultural Anthropology for a Postmodern World 2
CHTH 529 Intercultural Studies II: Indigenous Peoples and the North American Church 2
CHTH 550 Indigenous Studies I: Indigenous Spiritualities 2
CHTH 551 Indigenous Studies II: Theology and Place 2
PSTD/MLDR 568 Specialized Apprenticeship I 2
PSTD/MLDR 569 Specialized Apprenticeship II 2