Athletic Training Mission Statement

Athletic Training - George Fox University Mission

The mission of the George Fox University athletic training program is to provide a comprehensive and thorough athletic training educational experience for each individual while providing guidance and leadership that incorporates the values of a Christ-Centered community. Through the academic course work and clinical education experience, the athletic training student will meet the requirements to receive a bachelor of science in athletic training degree and acquire the needed knowledge and understanding of athletic training to pass the Board of Certification (BOC) examination.


Outcome 1: Students will competently perform the role of an entry-level athletic trainer in the five domains of athletic training.


  • Collaborate with other allied health care professionals 
  • Students will communicate effectively and respectfully with individuals/groups, professionals and society. 
  • Students will demonstrate recognition, evaluation, treatment, and management of injuries and illnesses in an active population.
  • Students will engage in clinical education experiences within a variety of populations, work settings, and allied health care professionals.
  • Apply the NATA code of ethics and abide by Standards of practice
  • Students will achieve 70 percent first-time pass rate on the BOC exam

Outcome 2: Students will demonstrate that each individual is unique in terms of anatomic, physiologic, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions. 


  • Value and understand role of faith in the practice of whole-person healthcare 
  • Value the principles of patient-centered care (patient values, needs, emotional support, education, and family and friends.) as  a central piece in the whole-person health care 

Outcome 3: Students will develop competence in evidence-based practice. 


  • Describe the concepts and components of evidence-based practice
  • Demonstrate the ability to search the medical literature for published research
  • Define an appropriate clinical question to direct patient care 
  • Employ and integrate the best available evidence into clinical practice 
  • Appreciate the value and best interest of the patient in making clinical decisions 

Outcome 4: students will develop lifelong learning and professional development 


  • Invest in the profession of athletic training 
  • Define professional development in athletic training 
  • Develop skills in leadership and service in the profession of athletic training. 
  • Attend local, state and national athletic training meetings