Paige Parry

Paige Parry, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Science Outreach Director


Office: EHS 215

I joined the Department of Biology and Chemistry in 2016 as an assistant professor after completing my PhD at the University of Wyoming. I previously completed my undergraduate education at George Fox and am excited and grateful for the opportunity to once again be a part of the university community. 

I am deeply passionate about ecology and education and the power that both have for transforming our world. I teach from a perspective that emphasizes critical thinking and problem-solving skills as well as an appreciation for the complex ecological systems that sustain humanity. I love leading students into a deeper understanding of the natural world and the God who created and sustains such incredible systems and processes.

Academic Background

BS, Biology, George Fox University (2011)
PhD, Ecology, University of Wyoming (2016)

Research Interests

My research focuses on understanding the factors and mechanisms that determine patterns of plant species composition, particularly in forest communities. I use a combination of ecological theory, statistical modeling, and empirical studies of forest communities to integrate patterns and processes across multiple levels of biological organization, from species to large-scale patterns of biodiversity.

A major theme throughout my work is to question how community-level processes interact with broad-scale environmental gradients to determine species distribution patterns. I am particularly interested in developing and applying new modeling approaches to integrate patterns and processes across multiple spatial and temporal scales. Descriptions of current research projects can be found on my website at

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A current list of publications and presentations can be found on my website at

Other University Responsibilities

In addition to teaching, I serve as the director of the Science Outreach Program. This program creates opportunities for George Fox University science majors to teach science classes to elementary and middle school students, as well as lending science equipment to teachers and welcoming class field trips to our campus.

Outside the Classroom

I live in Sherwood with my wonderful husband Brad. We love anything and everything outdoors and enjoy spending our weekends hiking. I am an avid distance runner and also enjoy cooking, reading and horseback riding.