Paige Parry

Paige Parry, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology

Science Outreach Director


Office: EHS 215

I joined the Department of Biological and Molecular Sciences in 2016 as an assistant professor and currently serve as the Holman Professor and the Director of the Science Outreach Program. I am an alumnus of the George Fox Biology program, and greatly enjoy contributing to the same program from which I gained a fantastic science education.

I am a quantitative forest ecologist, and greatly enjoy integrating authentic scientific research and practices into my teaching. In my teaching activities, I employ the constructivist approach to engage students in authentic scientific inquiry, and emphasize quantitative knowledge and data analysis skills alongside deep consideration of the civic and Christian applications of environmental and ecological knowledge. I am committed to extending opportunities for authentic scientific engagement to students at all academic levels, and work through the Science Outreach Program to share the physical and intellectual resources of the George Fox science programs with the broader community of educators and students.

Academic Background

BS, Biology, George Fox University (2011)
PhD, Ecology, University of Wyoming (2016)

Research Interests

My research focuses on the mechanisms and scale-dependencies underlying climate-induced changes in macroecological patterns, particularly as applied to forests in the western US. I pursue this aim through a research agenda that integrates field-collected demographic data with broad-scale inventory data and environmental data to quantify the mechanistic and cross-scale links between local ecological processes and forest range dynamics. My work has strong quantitative and spatial components and relies heavily on hierarchical Bayesian modeling and spatial analysis. Ultimately, my research aims to improve projections of forest responses to climate change by constructing robust quantitative frameworks that can consider processes and patterns acting at multiple spatiotemporal scales.  

Information about current research projects, student research assistants, and a current publication list can be found on my lab website at

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A current list of publications and presentations can be found on my website at

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

BIOL 311 – Ecology and Biodiversity
BIOL 360 – Ecology
BIOL 390 – Plant Biology

Outside the Classroom 

I live in Newberg with my husband and young daughter. My family enjoys the outdoors and we spend much of our leisure time hiking, skiing, and biking.