Kathy Weiss

Kathy Weiss, MD

Associate Professor of Biology

Science Outreach Director



Office: EHS 212

I started teaching at George Fox in 2005 and totally enjoy the blessings of teaching here. I value the freedom to speak of the Creator God as we discuss his creation and appreciate how fearfully and wonderfully he has made us. I am thrilled to be working with students who are spreading their wings and figuring out how God has gifted them and where he is calling them.

I love the human body and am amazed by its intricate design and how well it is structured and organized to actually work. In addition to teaching about how the body works, I also get to teach about how things go wrong (pathophysiology) and then how we attempt to fix them with pharmaceutical agents (pharmacology).

Academic Background

BS, Molecular Biology, University of Washington (1974)
MD, University of Southern California (1978)


As a practicing physician and full-time professor, I am not currently pursuing any research. I am board certified in Internal Medicine and maintain an active practice in a local free clinic.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

BIOL 221/222 - Human Anatomy and Physiology

Other University Responsibilities

In addition to teaching, I serve as the director of the Science Outreach Program. This program creates opportunities for George Fox University science majors to teach science classes to elementary and middle school students, as well as lending science equipment to teachers and welcoming class field trips to our campus.

Outside the Classroom

I am married and have two children in graduate school. I love to travel, hike and cook. For travel adventure I regularly lead Juniors Abroad trips for George Fox and have been to Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Jordan, Turkey and Greece with students.