Undergraduate Research

George Fox University Biology StudentsMurdock Undergraduate Collaborative Research Program

This program is designed for talented students from local Oregon colleges and universities who are interested in pursuing a career in biomedical research, particularly those who are considering graduate school or an MD/PhD program. Students participate in ongoing research projects with collaborators at OHSU and are paid a small stipend. Biology majors from George Fox University have consistently been selected to participate in this program.

Previous MUCRP awardees

Name Year Current Occupation/Training
Skyler Younger 2018
Paige Bergstrom 2017
David Degnan 2017 Graduate Student
Ashley Peterson 2016 Medical School Student 
Samuel Janisse 2015 Graduate Student
Joshua Miles 2014 Research Assistant
Lindsay Denluck 2013 Graduate Student
Austin Park 2012 Resident Physician
Tina Mathai Joseph 2011 Osteopathic Medical School Student
Laura Gotthardt 2011 Clinical Laboratory Scientist
Alexandra Paradis 2010 Assistant Professor of Biology
Brendon Hart 2009 Anesthesiology Resident Physician
Katie Martin 2008 Physician, M.D.
Luke Fletcher 2008 Hematology/Oncology Fellow
Kristina Nicholson-DeMaster 2007 Physician, M.D.
Ryan MacKenzie 2007 Physical Therapist, D.P.T.
Isaac Edwards 2006 Dentist, D.M.D.
Rebecca Duby 2006 Physician, M.D.
Amy Roseburg Starr 2005 Physician, M.D.
Amara Sheppard 2004 Physician, M.D.
Andrea Wocester 2003 Biology Teacher
Chad Edwards 2002 Respiratory Therapist
Matthew Way 2001 Physician, M.D.
Elizabeth DuPriest 2000 Professor of Biology, Ph.D.
Carley Shaut 1999 Professor of Molecular Genetics, Ph.D.
Brian Cox 1998 Physician, M.D.
Susanna Christie-Heinze 1997 Biology Instructor, M.S.N.
Rima Butler 1997 Physician, M.D.
Jeff Woolsey 1996 Physician, M.D.
Michelle Arko 1996 Middle School Science Teacher, M.A.T.
Matthew Wilber 1995 Physician, M.D.
Nathan Sundgren 1995 Physician, M.D., Ph.D.
Brent Kimberly 1994 Physician, D.O.