Davida Brown

Davida Brown, PhD

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Faculty Athletics Representative



Office: EHS 311

As a 2002 alumna of George Fox University, I am delighted to be back teaching at my alma mater. I deeply appreciate the opportunity to be involved in a community that seeks to honor Jesus in all that we do.

My field of chemistry is physical chemistry. This is the area of chemistry that explores the very minute details of atoms, marrying mathematics to our phenomenological understanding. As we focus on the smallest details, we are able to see the workings of our Creator at their most fundamental level.

Academic Background

BS, Chemistry, George Fox University (2002)
PhD, Physical Chemistry, Stanford University (2007)

Expertise and Research Interests

My research at George Fox focuses on the problem of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) from three angles: developing high-throughput, fast detection methods; conducting controlled laboratory experiments to understand the mechanisms of photooxidative degradation for EDCs; and collecting field samples of the water and sediment of the Willamette Valley environment to quantify the presence of select EDCs.

As a graduate student, I conducted research in the field of gas-phase reaction dynamics. Because you cannot see the moment when a reaction occurs, we used carefully prepared reaction states and measured specific product states to get a picture of the reaction event.

As a postdoctoral fellow at University of Oregon, I conducted research on the water molecules at the very top layer of liquid water. We were interested in how the water molecules orient themselves into the air, and how their spatial arrangements changed as a result of different gas molecules above the sample.

Primary Teaching Responsibilities

CHEM 211/212 - General Chemistry
CHEM 440 – Thermodynamics
CHEM 450 – Quantum Chemistry