About Us

Our Vision

The cinematic arts major seeks to prepare broadly educated students that integrate a Christian worldview with technical and creative skills in the field of audio-visual media, including film and digital video and audio formats, for theater exhibition as well as for television and radio production. Both academics and practical experience are stressed, and various opportunities for actual production work and industry-related internships are offered.

Our Program emphasizes:

Portfolio Building
In addition to gaining in-depth academic familiarity with various aspects of the field, students have the opportunity to develop, apply, and exhibit their skills both on and off campus. During courses, internships and independent studies, students are able to put together a portfolio of work, either for entry to competitions or for application for jobs and/or graduate studies.

Exhibition of Work
Every spring the red carpet is rolled out for the Fox Film Festival, where the best student short narrative films and documentaries are exhibited at the off-campus historical Cameo Theater.

The Media Job Market
Two cinematic arts students ready for a video shoot.The media job market is an increasingly expanding one. Opportunities exist for students from the program to enter careers in the entertainment industry, including television and radio broadcasting. Potential professions include:

  • Broadcaster
  • News anchor
  • Television/radio producer
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Missionary
  • Camera and audio operators (among others).

Having Christians in the media is important if Christianity is to reach not only the world but maintain relevance in our own society. Now more than ever, there is a need for Christians to become involved in media professions where they can help influence the presentation of truth and reality.

George Fox challenges students to develop a workable world view which meshes together their occupational goals and Christian faith.

Narrative and Documentary Storytelling
Many programs focus on one or the other. At George Fox, we believe experience in both is imperative in a business environment where convergence, flexibility, and multiple talents are imperative. You will be encouraged to keep your hands in both worlds. By the time you leave here, you will have helped to either film, produce, and/or direct both a short documentary and several narrative pieces.