Cinema and Media Communication Students FilmingThe cinema and media communication major combines the liberal arts emphasis of communication arts with hands-on experience in video, film, and digital media production. Extensive electives allow students to design a program that fits individual needs or interests. The major consists of 39 required semester hours including core (24 credit hours) and concentration electives (15 hours).

Core Courses

All cinema and media communication majors must be grounded in certain theoretical and general production courses. See Course Catalog for the core requirements and course descriptions. These make up 24 credit hours. Areas of concentration are particular blends of course work that emphasize aspects of the cinema and media industry. Up to 15 credit hours must be chosen. These include:

A broad concentration for students seeking a traditional Cinema and Media major. Learn all the basics of film and video production from scriptwriting to cinematography to producing, sound, editing, and everything in-between. You will have a chance to take different roles in many student productions and choose which areas of interest to explore more deeply.

A concentration that focuses on journalistic storytelling through many mediums. Write, edit and produce material for print, radio, television, and Internet news media. There will also be opportunities for documentary video production.

Film Studies
A traditional production concentration with a deeper look at shooting on traditional film mediums. While digital media is predominant, film is still an important part of the industry. You will gain more in-depth experience in the technical and creative considerations of shooting on 16mm film.

A concentration that focuses on the skills necessary for website-building, special effects, 2D and 3D animation, and experimental media. Projects will explore many new programs and technologies and film projects will provide opportunities to put special effects skills into action.

Audio Production
A concentration that prepares students for possible careers in the music recording industry. Sound for film, video, radio, and studio recordings will be studied in-depth through many hands on projects. Find additional opportunities through classes such as Contemporary Christian Songwriting.

Off-Campus Opportunities

Internship Opportunities
Work at Channel 12 Fox/UPN, Luis Palau Ministry, the Oregon Film and Video Office, among others.

Film Opportunities
For those interested in working with the film format and networking in Los Angeles, there is the opportunity to spend a semester at the LA Film Studies Center. At the L.A. Film Studies Center, internship opportunities exist to work in some aspect of the Hollywood film or television industry.

Note: This is a competitive program and places are limited.

For those who prefer to stay on campus and who want to gain experience working on the film format, courses at the Northwest Film Center in Portland are offered. These include introductory and intermediate cinematography courses as well as an optical printing course.