Matt Meyer

Matt Meyer

Phone: 503-554-2596

A native Oregonian, Matt left rainy Portland for sunny L.A., where he received a master’s degree from the University of Southern California’s prestigious School of Cinema-Television. While there, he became studio manager for the Steven Spielberg Scoring Stage, recording music and mixing soundtracks for student films. "At one point, I found myself in a hallway with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas and had to choose who I wanted to chat with more." (He chose Lucas.)

After USC, Matt became a sound editor and mixer for feature films, TV shows, and international versions of Disney classics. "If you see Old Yeller in Japanese, that’s my work," he says. Then, after getting established in L.A., he did something odd - he traded California’s smoggy skies for the Oregon rain again. In the 10 years since, he’s worked as a sound editor and mixer in Portland, producing award-winning spots for TV and radio, and editing sound for TV and feature films. "Usually the pattern is for production companies to shoot here, then do all the post-production in Hollywood. We’ve been lucky enough to attract productions that shoot elsewhere, then come to us for their editing and mixing."

Matt was recently interviewed by Kodak about the film industry and its future. You can read the article, titled "Teaching Film Techniques to the Video Generation," on the Kodak site.

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