Biomedical Concentration

Diagnotistic device

Biomedical engineers use engineering ingenuity to solve medical and health-related problems. They work in research and development, in tandem with engineers, scientists, and medical experts, to create devices such as total joint replacements, artificial organs, prostheses, and insulin pumps. They also work to develop medical information systems and care delivery systems. Speciality areas include biomechanics, tissue engineering, medical imaging, and bioinformatics.

Class Projects

The biomedical engineering projects have included the following:

  • Compressed air engine design and machining
  • Building an automated blood pressure monitor
  • Determining biomechanical factors in knee injury
  • Creating Lab-on-chips with microdevice and prosthetic devices in bionics
  • Developing electromechanical stimulation system for engineered tissue
  • Building 3D Bioprinting scaffolders using biomaterials in tissue engineering

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External Links

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