Engineering Equipment

The following is a list of featured equipment in our various laboratories:

Name Description Company Model Image
3D Printer iPod 3-band equalizerDimension 3D printers build accurate models layer by layer using durable ABS plastic, allowing users to not only evaluate design concepts, but test 3D prints for functionality, form and fit. Dimension SST 1200
Circuit Board Plotter Milling audio amp boardThis printed circuit board (PCB) plotter allows users to perform rapid PCB prototyping on their circuit designs. Configured for milling double-sided circuit boards and single-sided RF (microstrip) boards. LPKF ProtoMat C40
Wind Tunnel Test section: 12" x 12" cross section, 36" long, 0-90mph flow velocity;
Variable speed, 2hp Baldor motor, 24" composite blade adjustable pitch fan;
Tuned, plastic honeycomb flow straightener, 42" x 42" inlet;
14' overall length, 11 gauge steel tunnel body
GDJ Inc. Flotek 1440
Fuel Cell Trainer

Hydrogen fuel cell; Gas flowmeter; DC-DC converter; Electronic load; Fan power control

Heliocentris Heliocentris
Material Testing System Servo-hydraulic axial fatigue tester; 500kN (110kip) max force; 0.01-1000Hz cycling MTS 810
Digital Oscilloscope 200MHz Bandwidth; 2Gs/s
4 Channels
Color Display
PC Interface
Tektronix TDS2024
Logic Analyzer 2GHz Timing on All Channels
Simultaneous State and 500ps MagniVu Timing Analysis
Up to 200MHz State Acquisition Analysis
Glitch Triggering and Setup/Hold Triggering
Cursors with 500ps Timestamp Resolution
Offline Data Viewer (TLAVu)
Tektronix TLA600
FPGA Training Board Xilinx Spartan-3 FPGA w/ twelve 18-bit multipliers, 216Kbits of block RAM, and up to 500MHz internal clock speeds Digilent Spartan 3
Trainer Board
12KB of SRAM
Wytec HC12 EVB
Wireless Development Kit 2 Development Boards
2 XBee Modules
USB and Serial I/F
Digi XBee Development Kit XBee Development Kit
Desktop Computer 2.40GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU
250GB Hard Drive
Windows 7
Apple iMac iMac
Universal IC Programmer Supports over 30,000 IC devices
Fastest low-cost programmer in the market
Universal pin-drivers for up to 100 pins (option)
430+ socket adapters including 180+ FBGA packages
Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP through USB
Xeltek 3000U
AVR Programmer In System programmer for AVR microcontrollers Atmel AVR ISP mkII AVR Programmer
Logic Analyzer Software based logic analyzer Saleae Logic Logic
DC Power Supply One 5V fixed supply (1A)
Two 0-20V variable supplies (0.5A)
Tektronix CPS250
Function Generator 0.1Hz to 10MHz
Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse, & Ramp output
Coarse and Fine tuning
5-digit LED display
Linear and log sweep
Variable duty cycle
Variable DC offset
BK Precision 4017
Digital Multimeter Dual 5-digit Display
DC Voltage: 0-1000V
AC Voltage: 0-750V
dB Readout: -34dB min
DC Current: 0mA-10A
AC Current: 15µA-10A
Resistance: 0Ω-100MΩ
Frequency: 5Hz-1MHz
Fluke 45
Conductive Rework Station A single channel digital system, the ST 115 is supplied with the SX-90 Sodr-X-Tractor; compatible with all IntelliHeat handpieces Pace ST115 Rework Station
Robot Arm 5 DC Motors
Gripper, Wrist, Elbow, Shoulder, Base
Manual Controller
Jameco OWI 007