Makerspace announcement

The College of Engineering is housed in Wood-Mar Hall. The office suite is located on the second floor, with most of the engineering labs on the first floor. The lab space is outfitted with the latest engineering equipment and software. The remaining labs are housed in the adjoining Edwards-Holman Science Center, along with the physics lab and additional computer labs.

In 2016-17, the College will be creating its own makerspace out of the old dining hall, adding 8000 SF to its facilities.  

The W.M. Keck Engineering Design Center in Wood-Mar serves as the backbone of the engineering program at George Fox, a place wherein ideas become reality. It includes three distinct spaces: computer lab, machine shop, and projects lab (see descriptions below). Students from virtually all courses will use the design center at one time or another. Our engineering technician is available to assist the students in their many projects.

Wood-Mar Hall