Quality Teaching

2007-08 Undergraduate Teacher of the Year

Neal Ninteman Neal Ninteman, MS
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering

Neal Ninteman has been a teacher at George Fox since 2000.  He teaches in engineering, physics, and mathematics.  He instructs general education students, engineering and math majors, and biology and chemistry majors headed to medical school. 

Neal's ability to relate to students as both a professor and mentor is reflected well by one student who stated "He challenged me and encouraged me more than any other professor or teacher I have ever had in my life."  Besides being an outstanding teacher, Neal's teaching and speaking talents have been used repeatedly in other venues both inside and outside the university. 

Neal holds a master's degree in civil engineering from Stanford University.  He is married to Susan, whom he met when they were both on staff at Campus Crusade For Christ. They have two sons, Jack and Nate. 

2005-06 Undergraduate Teacher of the Year

Mike Magill Michael Magill, PhD, PE
Professor of Mechanical Engineering

George Fox wants to foster well-rounded engineers - engineers who can understand and integrate values and liberal arts into their work. It was that philosophy that drew Mike Magill west to Newberg.

By most standards, Mike was at the peak of his profession before coming to George Fox, and no one would have blamed him for staying put. Mike was chair of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Technology at Purdue University. He had made his way to Purdue by spending 11 years as a professor at Oklahoma State University. A colleague there mentored Mike and urged him to connect with students not just on an engineering level, but a spiritual level as well.

So he prayed. He prayed beginning in 1986 for "an opportunity to teach at a place like George Fox." The new engineering program at George Fox gave him the perfect fit to teach how he had wanted, and he moved to Newberg with his wife and three children in 2002.

From a boy who modeled his career after his father's, who was also a mechanical engineer, Mike has much to show for his efforts: nine major teaching awards. Those include the 2005-06 George Fox Faculty Achievement Award for Undergraduate Teaching, which came from his students. As one student noted: "His ability to teach is unmatched. He has an incredible heart for students."