Student/Alumni Perspective

Here's what some of our current and former students have said:

Zack Koppert

"In my experience, George Fox has academically prepared me and other engineers beyond the expectations of the industry. I feel very blessed to have received such a firm understanding of the basics so that I can enter industry ready to grow even more. The curriculum has really taught me how to learn and communicate in an engineering context.

"My time at George Fox would have been radically different without the engineering professors I had. One professor's pragmatic guidance and 'the truth hurts, deal with it' mentality have taught me to value truth above my pride. Another's patience and big picture thinking have rubbed off on me and I have received numerous compliments during internships for understanding the whole system and being able to jump between levels of abstraction. God has used these professors and my time at Fox to shape me in a way that I am very proud of."

Zack Koppert, Software Design Engineer, Tektronix, Beaverton, Oregon
Class of 2013 with a BS in engineering, electrical concentration

Stephanie Mount

"Being in this engineering program has taught me more than just facts and formulas.  These professors have taught me how to attack problems, how to design, and how to research and figure things out like an engineer.  Fellow students I’ve met from other schools across the country are always amazed at how much design we get to do at George Fox when most of them have only been able to learn book knowledge.  When most university professors are more concerned with their own research, these professors are going out and looking for new kinds of projects to incorporate into their classes. 

"However, what really makes this department so unique is the professors’ wisdom.  They have the ability to challenge their students and expect much out of them, yet give them just enough support so as to enable them to learn deeply.  Most importantly, they care about their students individually and spiritually, and have open doors for students to come and talk about the hard things.  Overall, these professors are more than equipped to mold, shape, and send out competent and Christ-like engineers."

Stephanie Mount, Electrical Engineer, Boeing, Seattle, Wash.
Class of 2013 with a BS in engineering, electrical concentration

Gustavo Vela-Moreno

"The civil and environmental engineering program at George Fox University has equipped me with much more than just the fundamentals of engineering.  Participation in real world projects through Servant Engineering has improved my self-confidence and communication skills.  The professors in this department are passionate and dedicated to helping students excel academically, socially and spiritually."

Gustavo Vela-Moreno, Associate Engineer, Oregon Dept of Transportation, Salem, Oregon
Class of 2013 with a BS in engineering, civil concentration

Joel Stude

"The engineering department faculty make this a great place to learn. Professors aspire to prepare their students for real working conditions with a projects based approach. The projects enabled me to fully grasp difficult concepts all while having fun making air engines turn and stereo amplifiers play music from my iPod. Furthermore, professors have open doors and ears when you need help.

"I doubt there are very many other engineering programs that are as intentional about keeping the program as Christ-centered as George Fox University is. Servant Engineering, which seeks to help those that have little or no means, attempts to solve the problems for people that no one else is willing to tackle. This lesson has taught me that we as engineers should use our gifts not only to provide a living for ourselves and families but, when we can, help those in the community who need our help and have no voice."

Lt. Joel Stude, Civil Engineering Officer, Washington Air National Guard
Class of 2013 with a BS in engineering, mechanical concentration

Eric Nolan

"The engineering program is preparing me not only through the numerous courses but also through the many hands-on projects it offers. The senior project is by far the greatest tool in which to introduce a soon-to-be-graduating engineer to the engineering workforce.

"The program covers so much in its curriculum and has a great student-faculty ratio. The key feature is how the program integrates classroom learning with hands-on projects. The time spent in the machine shop gives students knowledge concerning how basic machining is done in industry so that once they enter the workforce they can relate designs and ideas with how feasible they are to manufacture."

Eric Nolan, Mechanical Engineer, Oregon Iron Works, Clackamas, Oregon
Class of 2010 with a BS in engineering, mechanical concentration

Ethan Rhodes"I came to George Fox University excited for the new experience of college classes and life. I had enrolled in the engineering program in hopes of garnering practical skills and tools to help me in my love for inventing and design.

"Even above the value I place on the nuts-and-bolts, skill-learning portion of my engineering education is my respect and appreciation for my professors. I highly value every minute I spend in their presence. This group of professors has taught me immensely concerning character, faith in Jesus Christ, and the worthiness of living to my Savior’s glory. This mentoring is truly the foundation of my engineering education. The design, problem solving skills, and everything else I am gaining rest on this solid base."

Ethan Rhodes, Electrical/Process Engineer, Lamb Weston, Weston, Oregon
Class of 2009 with a BS in engineering, electrical concentration

Kelsey Tresemer"This is what I was made to do… I came to Fox never expecting to be an engineer. I actually came to college to study Theater. However, after two years of pursuing a theater major, God convinced me to shut the door on that path and seek another road. I’ve never looked back.

"After experiencing what it feels like to perform actual engineering design work and research, I knew that this was what I was made to do. It has its struggles, though. George Fox’s engineering program is rigorous and demanding, but there is also a lot of support, from professors as well as my peers. The classes are small and the professors always make a point of being available for questions or just to hang out and talk about life. I’ve also had several of my professors spontaneously find me scholarships and internships in different fields, just because I had mentioned that I was interested… It was amazing.

"At Fox, people will go out of their way to help you succeed. All you need to do is ask for their help and it’s there."

Kelsey Tresemer, Research Scientist, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Class of 2008 with a BS in engineering, mechanical concentration

Josh Gerdes

"George Fox enabled me to take engineering further than the classroom. I was granted many opportunities to conduct research in various areas of electrical engineering, both in the summer and during the school year. These special projects gave me an edge when looking for a job, as I had taken many projects from the ground up to a complete working and often complicated electronic device.

"Most employers I have talked to are surprised at how many projects I completed as an undergrad. And the projects were never just theory. The projects were always taken to completion; they were usable devices that you could take home, show others, or put in your portfolio or resume.

"The faculty taught me how to not only understand the mathematics behind a given subject, but always pushed me to apply it by actually building something that closely related to what we were being taught. Faculty also enabled me to work on projects for the department as a workstudy, teaching a lab course, and doing summer research."

Joshua Gerdes, Electrical Engineer, Rockwell Collins, Portland, Oregon
Class of 2007 with a BS in engineering, electrical concentration

Jeff Barnes

"After comparing George Fox to other schools, I would say Fox graduates rank equal if not above in technical and book knowledge. I received very good instruction in all areas of mechanical engineering and gained valuable experience through internships and projects.

"The smaller classes and the ability to have one-on-one teaching distinguishes the program from others. And the fact the university integrates faith with learning taught me not to be intimidated by those with whom I work and to still show my faith."

Jeff Barnes, Design Engineer, A-dec, Newberg, Oregon
Class of 2005 with a BS in engineering, mechanical concentration

Melissa Workman

"George Fox truly prepares its students for real-world engineering. Through all the lectures and labs, the focus is to teach the students how to solve problems. The skills the students leave with allow them to easily integrate into the work force and quickly became a strong asset for any company.

"With such small class sizes, you really get a chance to know the professors, and the professors get a chance to value you as an individual. This kind of student-professor interaction is not found in large lecture hall settings.

"The engineering professors were very open about their faith. When something was on their heart, they would take a few minutes at the beginning of class to share it with us. I really appreciated this. It showed how they were willing to share their personal lives with us, and in turn, it helped us be open with them."

Melissa Workman, Mechanical/Process Engineer, Xerox Corp., Wilsonville, Oregon
Class of 2004 with a BS in engineering, mechanical concentration

Jeremy Huwe

"The engineering program at George Fox provides a very unique education experience. Graduates of the program are not just trained to be excellent engineers - they are challenged to realize their potential to provide service to others through the application of their professional training.

"I have been impressed by the innovative and industrious work produced by the students completing their senior projects. The work product of the senior design projects has been consistently excellent.

"The engineering professors at George Fox are living a life of service that does not provide the acclaim or financial rewards they could command working in private industry. These professors are teachers and mentors who care deeply about their students."

Jeremy Huwe, Providence Health & Services Oregon
Class of 1990 with a BS in applied science
BS Industrial Engineering, MBA