The International Studies program at George Fox University is designed for students who have a passion to learn about and engage with other cultures, whether through travel, work or service.

International studies majors take 48 to 50 credit hours of study within the major that prepare them for work in a host of internationally focused areas, including government agencies, international business, foreign missions and service, nonprofit administration, and international education. Many students in the major also pursue post-graduate work in law, theology, business, and diplomacy.

Why International Studies?

International Studies majors have a unique interdisciplinary experience at George Fox. Students take courses within their major from sociology, religion, communication, politics, and business. Additionally, as part of their major requirements, students study a foreign language, work in an internationally focused internship, and study abroad.

The diverse, interdisciplinary course offerings allow students the flexibility to take courses that reflect their specific interests, such as ministry, education or business. The cultural immersion and fieldwork requirements expose students to environments outside the classroom that enhance personal and professional development.

International studies majors are advised and supported by faculty and staff that recognize students’ individuality and unique path in life. Students are supported in their search for internships and jobs after graduation and are inspired to embrace new opportunities and experiences that help them discover their passions and unique calling.

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