Math Walk

Sidewalk Mathematical Activities for Elementary Students

Produced by the MATH 212 Class, Foundations for Elementary Mathematics, and Dr. Corban Harwood

Current activities at the Newberg Public Library

  1. Flower Number by Chau Nguyen

    Activity: Starting at the center of the flower, hop through the multiples of 9 in the petals in their order. For a twist, walk around the petals and name how many 9's are in each number.

    Minimum Grade Level: 3rd

  2. Number Jump by Chau Nguyen

    Activity: Solve each problem, then hop to the next. For a twist, read each problem out loud and say the answer before hopping to the next. How fast can you solve and hop?

    Minimum Grade Level: 4th

  3. Square Sum by Savannah Prys

    Activity: In your head, fill in the empty squares by adding the sum of the numbers at the top of the column and at the far left of the row you are filling in. Afterwards, think about why some of the numbers are different colors and what patterns you see in the square.

    Minimum Grade Level: 1st
  4. Number-Shapes Jump by Savannah Prys

    Activity: Jump through these number-shapes by only jumping on those in a given pattern.
    1. Jump on the bigger number in each row.
    2. Jump on the smaller number in each row. 
    3. Jump on the even number in each row. 
    4. Jump on the odd number in each row. 
    5. Jump on the triangles. 
    6. Jump on the squares. 
    7. Jump on the circles. 
    8. Jump on the stars.

      Minimum Grade Level: Kindergarten
  5. Pattern Jump by Jacoby Sherman

    Activity: Jump from one shape to the next and remember the pattern, when you get to a spot with 2 shapes next to each other, jump on the next shape in the pattern

    Minimum Grade Level: Kindergarten

  6. Even/Odd Step by Jacoby Sherman

    Activity: Walk through by only stepping on the groupings of shapes that have an even number of shapes in them. For a twist, walk through where only your left foot can step on an odd grouping and your right foot can only step on an even grouping.

    Minimum Grade Level: 2nd

  7. Matching Sums by Aria Stewart

    Activity: There are sum expressions on one side and visual representations of these sums on the other. Step through the expressions by matching each to a visual representation, then name the sum before moving on to the next one.

    Minimum Grade Level: Kindergarten

  8. Comparison Walk by Aria Stewart

    Activity: Start by stepping on the even number. Then add the numbers next to each other (of the same color) and step on their sum in the next row. Repeat as you step through all the rows.
    For a twist, start over and step on the “greater than” number of the numbers with the same colors.
    For another twist, start over and try stepping on the “less than” numbers. 

    Minimum Grade Level: 1st

  9. Math Obstacle Course by Micah von Behren

    Activity: Solve the problems as you move through each part of the obstacle course:
    1. Hopscotch 
    2. Walk the tightrope 
    3. Jump on the planets 
    4. Spin 
    5. Follow the odd numbers through the maze

      Minimum Grade Level: 3rd