Award Recipients


Director’s Award

The Director’s Award is presented to a student who exemplifies scholarship, excellence in character, the ability to lead, and has demonstrated communication skills both written and oral. This award is the highest honor a student can receive from the Department of Nursing.

2017 Katie McNabb 2012 Matthew Getsinger and Shaunna Neary
2016 Malia Rosenlund 2011 Rachel Knower
2015 Jonathon Jacobs 2010 Hanna Thomas
2014 Kimmee Hoecker and Jessica Jocoy 2009 Dana Sprunger
2013 Lauren Floyd and Emily Wyatt 2008 Jodi Briggs


Caring Award

The Caring Award recognizes a graduate who strives to emulate the mission and philosophy of the Department of Nursing. The student regularly integrates faith, compassion, altruism, diversity and holistic health care. The student demonstrates an interest in nursing to the global community and is dedicated to the pursuit of life-long learning.

2017 Alex Shepherd, Allie (Malech) Wegner & Katie McNabb 2012 Alicia Fleetwood and Jacob Trachsel
2016 Megan Palaiyan & Melissa Wilson 2011 Charles Robinson
2015 Chelsea Glancy 2010 Marcie Sternberg
2014 Mary Jo Pflaum 2009 Alison Bennett
2013 Marcus Gabriel, Jr. and Monica VandenBosch 2008 Emily Christenson


Honor Award

The Honor Award recognizes a graduate who has demonstrated consistently high scholastic achievement (3.75 grade point average or better - calculated through Fall semester of the senior year), professional integrity and potential for leadership in the field of nursing.

2017 Emily Dobrinski & Megan Roluffs 2012 Crystal Enos and Jillian Golder
2016 Carrie Thomas 2011 Rachel Knower
2015 Melissa Stewart 2010 Molly Johnston, Marie Palm and Jessie Sarver
2014 Kimmee Hoecker 2009 Amy Landes
2013 Angie Miller 2008 Lacey Brounstein


Golden Lamp Award

The Golden Lamp Award will be awarded to a senior student who has shown scholastic achievement, leadership, innovative contributions and humanitarian ideals. Based on the American Nurses Association Code for professional nurses and the Florence Nightingale Pledge, the award recognizes outstanding work of an undergraduate student with the nursing profession.

2017 Emily Hylton & Brandi (Wagoner) Mangione 2012 Shaunna Neary
2016 Malia Rosenlund 2011 Terah Pugh
2015 Bailey Nelson 2010 Jessie Sarver
2014 Jessica Jocoy 2009 Kristiina Thomas
2013 Melissa LaRue and Chelse Nealeigh 2008 Hannah Bielenberg


Transcultural Nursing Award

The Transcultural Nursing Award honors the graduate who has made an outstanding contribution to the promotion of safe nursing care for individuals, families, and/or groups recognizing diversity, ethnicity and color. This student has shown flexibility and a respect for others view points with a growing cultural understanding and sensitivity.

2017 Jacques St Gelus & Nancy Vazquez 2012 Joelle Gardner and Nadezhda Goldashkin
2016 Maria Gusenkov & Jonathan Maldonado-Salgado 2011 Amy Steinert
2015 Alejandro Ruelas 2010 Yketerina Fugate
2014 Natalie de Jesus Campos 2009 Lauren Silva and Amy Turner
2013 Page Matlock 2008 Pinar Pakkan-Ince


Clinical Excellence Award

The Clinical Excellence Award honors a graduate who has consistently demonstrated the most outstanding innovation, creativity and insight in nursing practice. This student has consistently met all core competencies and has shown an eagerness to seek out new learning experiences. Staff, colleagues, preceptors and faculty have recognized a positive attitude and rapport throughout their nursing education.

2017 Bri Andre & Katylnn Harksen 2012 Audrey Dove and Samantha Simmons
2016 Jonathan Maldonado-Salgado 2011 Rachel Knower
2015 Elizabeth Morell 2010 Torena Cole
2014 Sarah DeLay 2009 Erica Matthews
2013 Lauren Floyd and JulieKay Kleiner 2008 Michael Shinneman 

Outstanding Colleague Award

The Outstanding Colleague Award honors a graduate who has been chosen by their peers as exemplifying attributes of collegiality, being a team player, mentorship, support, approachability, honesty, kindness, compassion and respect for others.

2017 Eduardo Fuentes 2012 Matthew Getsinger and Shaunna Neary
2016 Maria Gusenkov 2011 Charles Robinson and Sheleen Wytcherley
2015 Melanie Hancock 2010 Jessie Sarver
2014 Erika Moss 2009 Amy Landes
2013 Kelly Hood 2008 Michael Shinneman