Prelaw Program

The best preparation for law school emphasizes a broad liberal arts education as an undergraduate. Prelaw students work with the prelaw advisor to devise a course of study that prepares students to understand complex real-world problems from as many perspectives as possible.

Once students choose their major, they round out their studies with electives and general education options stressing writing and oral communication skills, logical and critical thinking, close reading of difficult material, and deeper understanding of society and culture.

Mark David Hall, the Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Politics, currently serves as pre-law advisor. Mark has written numerous books and articles, including law review articles, that concern different aspects of the law. He has served as an expert witness for the United States Department of Justice, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and the Arkansas Solicitor General’s Office.

He also works regularly with religious liberty advocacy groups to help protect and promote what many founders called “the sacred right of conscience.” Students interested in preparing for law school at George Fox University should contact him at

Prelaw students are strongly encouraged to take the following classes:

  • PSCI 260 Introduction to Law
  • PSCI 353 Constitutional Law: Civil Rights and Liberties
  • BUSN 360 Business Law