GF Cognition

Latest Findings

Previous research on the color-word Stroop task suggests that the interference created between the color word (e.g., RED) and color print (e.g., blue) is primarily in the left hemisphere (cf., MacLeod, 1991). This finding is suprising considering the role of the left hemisphere in language processing. The color-color (or color block) version of the Stroop task developed by Koch and Kubovy yields inferenence between two color blocks in the absence of word information. The question addressed in the current study is whether or not interference produced in the color block task is also related to processing in the left hemisphere. We conducted a visual field task using pairs of congruent or incongruent color blocks. No differences were observed between hemispheres when comparing RTs. However, interference was greatest in the right visual field when examining error rates. Thus, the left hemisphere appears to be implicated in color block Stroop interference.

Research Goals and Purpose

The overarching goal of the research conducted in the lab is to understand human performance by examining attention, perception, memory, and individual differences. We use a variety of experimental and correlational approaches to examine interference, executive function, and cognitive biases. Our application of these basic findings are focused on assessment, marketing, and performance enhancement.

Current projects inlcude:

  • The color-color (or color block) Stroop task including chronometric, visual field, and EEG studies
  • Cross-modal attention
  • The interaction between attention and memory
  • The impact of nutrition and exercise on every day memory and executive function
  • Examining features that influence the recognition of facially expressed emotions
  • The influence of color on taste and marketing strategies
  • Perceived ability
Lab Description: The Cognition Lab is located in room 119 of the Roberts Center.  The lab is designed as a teaching/research lab equipped for attention and memory research as well as visual, auditory, and tactile perception research.
Lab Members: Graduate students include Jennifer Brogan, Laura Smith, and Michael Vogel.  Undergraduate students include Breanna Barr, Katie Borjkman, Larry Jasper, and Julianne Johnson.  Research by Michael Vogel, Katie Borjkman, and Julianne Johnson is supported by Richter Grants.
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