Planaria Care Instructions


  • The planarians live in fresh water. Water can be obtained from a local freshwater source or bottled spring water can be used.
  • The water should be maintained at a temperature of 21° to 23° C.
  • Water should be changed once a week.
  • You can use a pipette to remove planarians from the container while changing water or for transferring planarians.


  • It is recommended that brown planarians are fed egg yolk from a hard-boiled egg and black and white planarians are fed fresh beef liver.
  • The planarians only need one 30-minute feeding period per week.
  • The amount of food required is also relatively small. Fifty planarians, for example, should only be fed a pea-sized portion of egg yolk or a bottle-cap sized piece of liver (Pendergrass, 1980).
  • In order to prevent an increase in bacteria that could be potentially detrimental to the planarians, it is probably best to change the water after feeding.

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