Early Admission into GDCP

(Adopted 9/26/01)


This program allows two to three selected undergraduate psychology majors at George Fox to earn early admission into the GDCP annually.

This program benefits the prospective student by allowing early admission into the GDCP, thereby reducing the need to complete additional program applications and travel to interviews elsewhere. The admission requirements to the GDCP are not reduced through this program, but the completion of the Advanced Psychology GRE is not required prior to the admission decision. It must, however, be completed prior to May 15.

Another benefit of this program is that students may be able to complete individual projects in a small number of selected graduate classes in lieu of the required classes when the student obtained a grade of A- or better in a similar course at George Fox. This option will be handled on an individual basis with approval by the graduate course professor. Students must still complete the required 125 semester hours in the GDCP to complete the Psy.D. degree.

The benefit to the GDCP is that some high quality students can be named early on in the admission process as the incoming class is filled.


Must be completed by November 15:

  1. Be a current psychology major in good standing with George Fox.
  2. Have a minimum GPA of 3.4.
  3. Completion of the GRE.
  4. File a letter of interest with the undergraduate psychology chair and the GDCP director.
  5. Complete the GDCP application.
  6. Recommendation by the undergraduate psychology faculty.
  7. Have a successful interview with the GDCP Admission Committee.

Must be completed by May 15:

1. Completion of the Advanced Psychology GRE.

Students will be selected and notified by December 7.