Student Resources



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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Students in our department have the opportunity to prepare and present original research on local and national platforms. Research in the past has varied from studies on the impact of visual acuity on the Stroop test to studies on social-emotional influences of parenting. As our site is updated, you will be able to read about some of our student research experiences.

Career Opportunities

The Psychology Department prepares you for the work world with a number of valuable skills that employers prize! Check out an infographic on the pathways after graduation.

Internships & Field Experience

As our site is updated, you will be able to read about past student field experiences and read up on what it takes to land an internship.

Applying for Graduate School

Did you know that Fox has a PsyD program? If you are an undergraduate student at Fox, we have resources for you!  As our site is updated, you will also be able to see resources on the steps you can take as an undergraduate student to be a competitive applicant for graduate school.

Organizations in the Field of Psychology

Some prominent organizations in the field of psychology to explore!