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Corwynn Beals

Corwynn BealsProfessor of Philosophy and Religion
Faculty Fellow, William Penn Honors Program
Office: Pennington House, 2nd floor
Phone: 503-554-2661

PhD, Fordham University
MAR, Yale Divinity School
BA, George Fox University

Teaching and Research Interests:  Relational Metaphysics, Agrarian Phenomenology, Continental Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Dualism, Ethical Invisibility

Corwynn Beals joined the faculty at George Fox in the fall of 2003. He has taught the following philosophy seminars on the following topics: Agrarian Phenomenology, Truth, Philosophical Economics, and Goodness and EvilHe has taught philosophy seminars on the following philosophers: Levinas, Bonaventure and Aquinas, and Wendell Berry. He teaches a course on the history of modern and postmodern philosophy as well as a course entitled Spirituality and the Intellectual Life.

He has sought for some time now to find ways to teach wisdom holistically; this trajectory began with the article “Finding Phronimos: Making a Place for Practical Wisdom in the Classroom” (Teaching Philosophy, Vol. 27, No. 1, March 2004). Dr. Beals has had opportunity to teach experientially as part of the Creation Cares Studies Program in New Zealand and in Belize and in the Shared Praxis course. He is also a teaching fellow for the William Penn Honors Program, launched in the fall of 2014.

Currently, Dr. Beals is working on two books — one on the Philosophy of Creation Care care that will be published with Baylor University Press. Another book in process, Tasting Truth, is an examination of the limitations of many current philosophical theories of truth, while calling for a more robust understanding of truth that is not limited to sentences and propositions. One article that began his articulation of a more holistic approach to truth was written in “Truth as a Way of Life” (Quaker Religious Thought, No. 102, June 2004). 

His book Levinas and the Wisdom of Love: The Question of Invisibility (Baylor University Press, 2007) has led to the most central philosophical area of interest — relational metaphysics and the question of ethical invisibility. He was honored to be invited to give the Faculty Lecture in the Fall of 2007, “Relational Metaphysics and the Art of Disappearing.” Dr. Beals was later invited to present a lecture at Stanford University entitled “Relational Metaphysics and the Pursuit of Invisibility” (May 27, 2009). His book on invisibility is currently invisible.  

He has written and presented on some of the many different forms and influences of dualistic thinking. He wrote on the dualistic view of evil in "Evil: The Presence of Absence," a chapter in the collected volume entitled Good and Evil: Quaker Perspectives (Ashgate Press, 2006). He wrote on the effects of separability dualism in “Dividing and Conquering: The Dualistic Roots of Environmentalism and its Foes” (Quaker Religious Thought, 2013). 

Besides writing about philosophy as a way of life, Dr. Beals also has made a steady pursuit to live out his philosophy. Toward that end, he has started and sustained a community garden at George Fox (2006-2012), chaired the Creation Care Committee, and along with his wife, Jill, and two young boys, has sought to live more simply. They recently moved to some acreage not far from campus and remodeled a house where they are beginning to live more closely to the land. This also involves a treehouse 33 feet up a Sequoia.