At the crossroads of theological formation, service, and scholarship

Howard Macy

Howard MacyProfessor Emeritus

Ph.D. Harvard University
M.A. Earlham School of Religion
B.A. George Fox University

Books by Howard Macy
Laughing Pilgrims: Humor and the Spiritual Journey
Stepping in the Light: Life in Joy and Power
Rhythms of the Inner Life

I was a high school junior when I chose to pursue being in full-time Christian service rather than being a band director. I had no idea, of course, of the twists and turns of the path that followed. My eager discovery of the Old Testament in seminary and my love of teaching eventually led me to university work, which I have enjoyed now for over 20 years. Along the way, I've also served as youth and Christian education worker and as a pastor. As a Friends minister, I still see my teaching as a way of supporting the work of the church. My love of both the Psalms and the Prophets blends well with a strong secondary interest in Christian spirituality, a subject that I get to teach in a variety of ways at George Fox. These subjects also support my work in wo rship, both in teaching and weekly planning activities. My current research and writing is about humor and the spiritual journey. It explores how we experience and use humor and how that relates to Christian maturity. It also explores how to recognize and interpret humor in the Bible. I also enjoy sports (basketball, bicycling, etc.), music (brass ensemble, choir, etc.), photography and going to the Oregon coast as often as possible.