Hear from Sociology Majors

What do George Fox Sociology students have to say about sociology?

Why are you a Sociology Major?

  • I felt drawn to study sociology.  The field of sociology is about asking hard questions that most of the  time lead to more questions.  I wanted to ask questions that make many people uncomfortable, but I felt that they needed to be asked--I was so excited to find a field that wrestled with the questions and observations I was making.
  • I love learning about how the structures in society impact both the individual and the society as a whole. I like looking at both the micro and the macro views of society.  Studying sociology has broadened my perspective of life. The things I've been exposed to and been able to learn here in the university setting have been broad, yet also very specific.
  • I'm a sociology major because I'm curious about why people and cultures do what they do.  I love being able to challenge assumptions and ask questions.  My curiosity and wanting to understand goes farther than just a thirst for knowledge into a desire to actively pursue justice and to live and learn with many.
  • I am a sociology major because I want to learn about systematic inequality and how to change it. Sociology is important because it challenges the status quo and helps us to think outside of ourselves.

What do you want to do with your Sociology degree?

  • I want to do hands on work and higher level structural work, an example of this would be for me to live in the inner city, but be an advocate or work with higher level change.
  • I feel like I can do anything. Sociology is the study of how people interact among structures in society so when i graduate, I'm essentially an amateur expert on people and having this knowledge will be an asset to any field.
  • I chose sociology because I want to understand more about society and see the systems before going into hands on work. I may go get my Masters in Social Work after I graduate with Sociology.