French on Campus

French on Campus   French on Campus

The French Section of the Department of World Languages and students of Le Club de Français sponsor cultural events throughout the year, including French cooking classes, French Film Festivals, pétanque tournaments and French cultural field trips in Portland. To be informed of current events, we invite you to consult the George Fox calendar.

Hope to see you at one of our events soon!

Read about news and events in our French Class Newsletter.

Le Club de Français / French Club

Everyone is welcome, and English may be spoken.

It offers students the opportunity to participate in cultural events and French-oriented events and activities that occur on campus. If you enjoy watching French films, listening to music and eating French food, this is a great occasion for you to join our club. We hope that at the end of the school year we have allowed you to experience the French culture.

Hope to see you at one of our events, and don’t miss our George Fox French Film and Food Festival on campus!

If you would like to become a member of the French Club, please contact Isabelle Corneaux.

Les Soirées Françaises / French nights

Similar to French Club activities, however French is the ONLY language spoken.

Activities are organized by the French professor and sometimes facilitated by the French assistants.

Cooking classes (galette des rois, crepes, bûche de Noel, etc.), French karaoke nights, French movie nights followed by discussions, pétanque tournaments, French board game nights, field trip to French Short Film Festival in Portland, field trip to a Blazer game and meeting with French nasketball players (Nicolas Batum and Tony Parker, etc.)

French on Campus   French on Campus