About George Fox Theatre

The University Theatre and the Department of English and Theatre present three main-stage productions each year. Works range from ancient Greek theatre to contemporary scripts and usually include a musical each season.

In addition to main-stage productions, there are student-directed works, evenings of improvisational theatre and performances by the University Players, George Fox's touring theatre troupe. University Players tours throughout the Northwest presenting at churches, prisons, camps, retreats and marketplaces.

The University Theatre often brings professional guest artists to campus to work with students as directors, designers and mentors. Auditions and production positions for all theatre activities are open to the entire student population, including majors, non-majors and graduate students.

The theatre program and policies are laid out in the University Theatre Handbook, which includes information about courses, scholarship policies and the responsibilities of each production position.

For more information on theatre at George Fox or to find out about scholarship opportunities, contact us at 503-554-2632, or write Rhett Luedtke, at rluedtke@georgefox.edu.