Mission Statement / Outcomes

University Theatre Mission Statement

The University Theatre is dedicated to cultivating artistic integrity in its students and its programs as we explore the craft of theatre in a Christ-centered environment. Our mission is to offer a safe, disciplined, and nurturing theatre program that prepares artists to make meaningful contributions to our world.


  1. Graduates will demonstrate artistic integrity as theatre artists through their knowledge, skill and compassion in meeting the challenges of practicing theatre.

  2. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to contribute to their communities as well-rounded theatre artists, scholars and practitioners.

  3. Graduates will recognize the role of the theatre artist as a servant storyteller who critiques, educates and entertains his/her audience by revealing fundamental truths of the human experience, particularly in reference to the graduate’s faith and values.


  1. Graduates will analyze a broad range of dramatic genres and performance texts from various historical periods and cultural backgrounds. 
  2. Graduates will research, conceptualize and produce a critical approach to theatrical design. 

  3. Graduates will function safely, effectively and collaboratively to solve specific production challenges as technicians, designers, actors or directors. 

  4. Graduates will apply skills in acting to support a stage production. 

  5. Graduates will evaluate and identify where their faith concerns interact with and inform their work as theatre artists.

  6. Graduates will demonstrate a discerning critique of self, peers, process and product as they solve specific artistic challenges. 

  7. Graduates will act as people of influence in public life by communicating ideas clearly and precisely, orally and in writing, adapting for the audience and the communicative purpose.