Mission Statement / Outcomes

University Theatre Mission Statement

To love, inspire and challenge our communities through the power of stories.


To celebrate the unique, God-given gifts and perspectives each person brings to the world while courageously exploring the tensions within faith, art and culture.



  • Self-Motivation
  • Artistic Execution
  • Technical Skill
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Faith Integration


  1. Students will demonstrate artistic integrity as theatre artists through their knowledge, skill and compassion in meeting the challenges of practicing theatre.

  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to contribute to their communities as well-rounded theatre artists, scholars and practitioners.

  3. Students will recognize the role of the theatre artist as a servant storyteller who critiques, educates and entertains his/her audience by revealing fundamental truths of the human experience, particularly in reference to their faith and values.


  1. Self-Motivation: Students will implement skills in self-motivation that reveal an ambition to achieve new goals, tackle challenges, and follow through on tasks.

  2. Artistic Execution: Students will create authentic and compelling work as theatre artists.

  3. Technical Skill: Students will produce work that meets technical standards within the theatre industry.

  4. Analytical Thinking: Students will analyze themselves, individual artists, methods and products from various historical periods and cultural backgrounds.

  5. Faith Integration: Students will evaluate how their faith and/or values interact with and inform their work as servant storytellers.