Mark Eaton

Photo of Mark EatonMark Eaton
Adjunct Professor of Theatre


Mark Eaton has taught at George Fox since 2007. In addition to serving as the director for the University Players, he teaches playwrighting, theatre as ministry, oral interpretation of literature, and acting. He graduated from Regent University in 1999 with his MFA in script and screenwriting. He continues to cultivate an unashamed love for biblical drama, especially when it reflects the Scripture's intrinsic depth and beauty (i.e., that refuses to reduce our faith to stock truisms or "Pollyanna Christianity")

As a playwright, his play, Pilate, won the 1999 Playwriting Award from Christians In Theatre Arts (CITA); it has been produced in the U.S., Canada and Singapore, and is available in "Faith on Stage", an anthology of plays published by CITA. He currently works as a freelance actor in the Portland area.