Faculty and Staff


The theatre program is made up of three faculty members and several adjunct (part-time) faculty members. The three faculty members are Bryan Boyd, professor of theatre, who teaches design and serves as director for University Players, our program's touring theatre troupe; Rhett Luedtke, professor of theatre, who teaches directing, theatre history and theatre ministry; and Cristi Miles, assistant professor of theatre, who teaches all core acting classes.

Kathleen Heininge, professor of English, teaches dramatic literature, and Gary Tandy, professor of English, teaches Shakespeare as literature. In addition, adjunct instructors occasionally teach various courses as needed. Jennifer Davies teaches music theatre; Jared Mack teaches acting one and improvisation; Mark Eaton teaches playwriting; Laurel Peterson teaches costume design; and Caleb Thurston teaches theatre management.

University Theatre

The University Theatre is the organizing body which produces all main-stage productions at George Fox University. Kathy Harris is the administrative secretary for the Department of English and Theatre and a valuable resource for faculty, guest artists and students. The University Theatre has a costume shop, managed by Kimberly Hergert, as well as a scene shop, managed by Kacy Hughson.

The University Theatre also regularly brings in professional guest artists as designers, directors and lecturers.