Participant Comments

“As a theatre teacher with an acting/directing background looking to beef up my technical chops, this institute provided the exact professional development opportunity that I’ve been looking for. . . I was very impressed with the facility and the level of instruction . . . I will definitely participate in any and all future courses.”
— James Farmer, Sunset High School

“Best graduate class I have had . . . It was great – hands on, compact, very informative.”
— Mike McConaughey, C.S. Lewis Academy

“This program was excellent . . . There are so many new tools I learned that will enrich my program immensely . . . I felt a huge amount of success when I went home knowing I created something I could never have imagined creating the day before.”
— Kendra Johnson, Columbia Christian School

“I loved the relaxed atmosphere and felt that I was controlling my learning process. It was very challenging, yet not forced. The information was new and exciting, especially the products we were able to use and experiment with from PNTA and Rosco. I felt my creative flow again and also got a million new ideas for my next production!”
— Pam Cressey, Kentlake High School

“There was a great selection of information presented – all very useful for the classroom and building personal skills.”
— Joel Morello, Beaverton Arts and Communication Magnet Academy

“I loved having the opportunity to create and feed my artistic soul. It was like being in a candy store all day and getting to actually eat whatever I wanted . . . Everything was so relevant to what I do (or what I want to do). I thoroughly enjoyed the class.”
— Amy Gretencort, Waluga Jr. High