Mark Terry

Mark Terry, MFA, MEd
Professor of Art and Design

Contact Information
Phone: 503-554-2636

What do you do at Fox?
I teach in the undergraduate Department of Art and Design, primarily in art history and ceramics, with occasional forays into sculpture and Northwest Native American arts. I sometimes teach Senior Thesis, the class which prepares our soon-to-be graduates for the rigors of professional art making in the post college world.

In addition to my art assignments, I usually teach courses that support our General Education program. I have led numerous international study trips for Juniors Abroad, focused on art and history in Western Europe. I have also often been called upon to teach in our graduate programs and routinely take on assignments in our MAT, MEd and MBA programs.

When did you start working at Fox?
I began my tenure at Fox in the fall of 1997.

MFA, Azusa Pacific, 2009
MEd, Western Oregon University, 1994
BS, Willamette University, 1980
King’s College, University of London, 1979
I have taught in one form or another in secondary schools and colleges since 1985.

What is something you’d like to do in the future?
One goal I have for the future would be to lead an adventure travel study on the Silk Road of Central Asia. I would also like to initiate alumni travel studies in the cultural centers of Western Europe.

What is something you’re grateful for, appreciate, encouraged by, or excited about?
Rarely a day goes by without my being grateful for the gift of working together with like-minded people in service to a common, united and worthy mission. Making art changes the world in both subtle and overt ways. Teaching people how to make art multiplies one’s ability to make a difference exponentially!

Personal notes:
I am also grateful for my lovely wife, Missy, and my two delightful daughters.

What kind of art do you do?
Although I have been employed in a variety of commercial art forms, I find the greatest satisfaction in the simple and timeless pleasure of working with clay. Working at the wheel, firing with ancient methodologies, and actively participating in incarnation drives my artistic practice.