Student Work

textile studio with art & design students

Students Study a Wide Range of Subject Matter and Media

Art & Design students, whether majoring in studio, graphic design, illustration, interior design, or arts administration, can choose from a diverse array of courses, including typography, Web Design, photography,packaging, mixed media, printmaking and ceramics. Internships with graphic design firms and practicing artists are a significant benefit and are coordinate for all design majors and many of the studio majors. Art & Design students display their work in on-campus venues including the Minthorne and Lindgren galleries, Studio 3, The Ampersand, and the library as well as in local galleries and during monthly First Friday Art Events throughout Newberg. Since 2009, we have published the Hagios design annual, which showcases student graphic design work and illustrations.

Textile Design Work

Course: Textile Design, Sophomore Year

Folded Paper Design

Course: 3D Design, Freshman Year

2D Design Project

Course: 2D Design Shaye Vanderville, Freshman Year

2D Design Work

Course: 2D Design Zoe Pavkovich, Sophomore Year

Student Work

The images above feature selections of work created by majors in the department of art & design. Wherever possible, student names, year in school and the course the work was created as part of is included.