Program and Mission


The English major at George Fox University seeks to strike a balance between essential career preparation and crucial life preparation.

Fundamental to the study of writing and literature is its power to illuminate. Such study enlarges our understanding of who we are and how we are within our shared human condition.

An English major provides broad exposure to the interpretative skills, imaginative capacities, and multiplicities of knowing, undergirding individual wisdom and expanding one's grasp of our own culture as well as the world's.

Facing an increasingly competitive, skilled and changing marketplace means that in business, government and academic careers an English degree provides the thinking, imaginative and interpretative capabilities necessary to a broad and practical career education.

English Major at George Fox University

What courses should I take each year to graduate with an English degree?

The registrar's office has degree plans for all majors and years. Keep in mind that a number of English courses are not offered every year, and there will be special course offerings that occur only once during your time at George Fox. Expect to be a little flexible. However, these plans will give you a solid idea of what you should tackle each semester to graduate on time.


The mission of the Department of English is to teach students to read and write texts with attention to truthfulness, logic, rhetoric and aesthetics.


1. Students will see text as existing in a rhetorical context.

2. Students will understand text as both revealing and concealing meaning.

3. Students will appreciate the aesthetic dimensions of form and expression.

4. Students will recognize that texts of all kinds require interpretations.

5. Students will recognize and evaluate the moral framework and values assertions implicit in a given text.

6. Students will understand that all texts are interpretations.

7. Students will acquire a knowledge base in the field in literary studies.

8. Students will evaluate the interpretations provided by a given text against the measures of common human experience and the traditional faith values of Christian revelation.

Majors Offered

English (BA)

Selected Writing/Literature Courses (for a full listing, please see catalog)

  • Ancient World Literature
  • Advanced American Literature
  • Advanced British Literature
  • Literary Criticism
  • Literary Foundations in Women's Studies
  • Professional Writing
  • Writing Poetry
  • Writing Fiction
  • Magazine and Feature Writing
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Writing Poetry

Why George Fox?

Alumni of the Department of English find three general advantages in having attended George Fox:

  1. The smaller size of the university helps contribute to the feeling of belonging and being recognized as an individual with unique talents and abilities.
  2. The liberal arts curriculum helps broaden perspectives and contributes to an appreciation and understanding of all aspects of society.
  3. The strong spiritual emphasis of George Fox helps students grow in their personal relationships as well as their relationship with God.
For further information, contact Gary Tandy
Professor of English and Department Chair
Telephone: 503-554-2602