The Writing Milestone

Note: The Writing Milestone requirement applies to students completing the General Education requirements 2016-2020. This requirement does not apply to students who started or transferred to George Fox after 2020.

College Writing Competency Requirement

George Fox University has a distinct and innovative approach to writing. Instead of taking and passing a college writing course, students admitted under the General Education Program * must achieve the Writing Milestone before graduation.

The Writing Milestone allows students to demonstrate and improve their writing in a variety of curricular and extracurricular contexts. It is designed to strengthen and develop students as writers by introducing all incoming first-year students to writing strategies in their first semester and providing intensive writing instruction in the second semester for students who need it.

LIBA 100 Knowing and Being Known offers a unique context in which students are introduced to college writing. The program appoints writing instructors as writing mentors and provides a variety of resources and writing contexts in which students can strengthen their writing and develop good habits as college writers.

The Writing Milestone features two requirements to provide evidence of proficiency and to demonstrate a rigorous and holistic standard of achievement:

  1. a writing portfolio, and
  2. a timed writing assessment.

The Writing Portfolio

The writing portfolio is completed through LIBA 100, WRIT 111, or, in certain cases, transfer credit.

LIBA100: Most students take LIBA 100, Knowing and Being Known, in their first semester. While enrolled in LIBA100, students work closely with a writing instrucor to complete writing assignments that fulfill the writing portfolio.

WRIT 111 Writing Portfolio Development: Students unable to satisfy the writing portfolio requirement during their enrollment in LIBA 100 take WRIT 111, Writing Portfolio Development (3), in which they work closely with writing faculty to develop their writing skills. Passing WRIT 111 fulfills the writing portfolio requirement.

Transfer Credit (TTRF students only): Students admitted to George Fox with at least 30 hours of post-high school college credit may be eligible to satisfy the writing portfolio requirement through transfer credit. If you fall into this category, we will contact you and invite you to take the timed writing assessment at the beginning of your first semester at Fox.

Timed Writing Assessment

In addition to fulfilling the writing portfolio requirement, students must pass the timed writing assessment, which evaluates a student's ability to write coherently under timed conditions.

Students take the assessment while enrolled in LIBA 100 or WRIT 111, or, if satisfying the portfolio through transfer credit, at the beginning of their first semester of enrollment.

When not enrolled in LIBA 100 or WRIT 111, students attempt the assessment through the Timed Writing Assessment FoxTale page. Instructions for the assessment are provided by the course instructor or on FoxTale.

Writing Improvement Plan

Students who do not pass the timed writing assessment work with the program director to create an individualized improvement plan and are expected to re-attempt the assessment each semester until they pass. The writing improvement plan may include independent tutoring, ARC workshops, and writing courses.

Program Director

Brooks Lampe

Brooks Lampe
Associate Professor of English and Writing Program Director

*Students in the George Fox University Honors Program and students transferring to George Fox with an approved post-high school transfer degree meet their general education writing requirement through alternative means and do not need the Writing Milestone.