LIBA 100 Writing Studio

The Writing Studio is a special support system to help you achieve the Writing Milestone in your first semester. It is a compilation of class meetings, writing workshops, and individual meetings with writing faculty to complement your writing in LIBA 100.

Students in LIBA 100 are assigned a Writing Studio instructor specifically trained to oversee and mentor your LIBA 100 writing assignments and writing portfolio project.

Your writing studio instructor will introduce the Writing Studio program elements and expectations during the first week of the semester. 

Overview and Timeline

Weeks 1-6

In weeks 1-6, the Writing Studio activities help you write your LIBA 100 essays.

For the first several weeks of the semester, your LIBA 100 section will meet during the LIBA Studio class hour. Eventually, these meetings are replaced with small group writing workshops. 

In addition to these classes and workshops, you are encouraged to meet with your writing studio instructor, attend seminars at the Writing Studio at the ARC, and take your essay drafts to the Academic Resource Center (ARC).

Strategies for Weeks 1-6
  • Meet with your Studio instructor at least once to plan your research essay
  • Participate in peer writing workshops
  • Attend at least one ARC appointment at the pre-writing or drafting phase of one of your essays
  • Take advantage of walk-in appointments at the Writing Studio at the ARC 

Weeks 7-14

In weeks 7-14, your goal is to prepare and submit a proficient writing portfolio and pass the Timed Writing Assessment.

Beginning in Week 8 you are eligible to submit a writing portfolio that includes a cover essay, the LIBA 100 research essay, and one or more additional examples of your writing from LIBA 100 or other courses. You should meet with your writing studio instructor or visit the Writing Studio at the ARC while preparing and editing your portfolio to get feedback and advice on how you can increase your chances of earning a proficiency score.

From weeks 8-13, writing portfolios are accepted and scored on a weekly basis (submissions close each week at 5pm on Friday). Week 10 Checkpoint: Students who submit their portfolio at least once by Week 10 are eligible to resubmit their portfolio up to once per week until Week 13 (5pm Monday Nov 20). Students who wait until after Week 10 to submit for the first time are not allowed to resubmit. (Submit your portfolio early, so you get the resubmit option!).  

Students whose portfolios are scored as proficient have the option to revise and resubmit their portfolio in hopes of achieving a mastery score. Students who fail to submit a proficient portfolio by Week 13 will need to meet with their CAP coach before the end of the fall semester in order to enroll in WRIT 111 in the spring semester. 

Interpretation of Portoflio Scores 
  • Below Profiency: designates a portfolio that does not meet the proficiency criteria and does not satisfy the requirement. Meet with your writing studio instructor to make a plan for revising and resubmitting.
  • Proficiency: designates a portfolio that meet the proficiency criteria, thus satisfying the requirement. You may take the Timed Writing Assessment. Optional: revise and resubmit in hopes of achieving a mastery score.
  • Mastery: designates an exceptionally strong portfolio that satisfies the portfolio requirement and receives additional honors (see Mastery). You may take the Timed Writing Assessment.

Once students have earned a proficiency or mastery score on their writing portfolio, they have until Week 14 to take the timed writing assessment. 

Timeline and Strategies for Weeks 9-14
  • Meet with your Studio instructor in Week 8 or 9 for advice in preparing your writing portfolio.
  • Submit your writing portfolio at least once by the Week 10 portfolio checkpoint. 
  • If your portfolio is not scored as proficient, meet with your writing instructor to discuss a plan for revising and resubmitting. 
  • Take drafts of essays to the ARC for help with revising and citations.
  • If needed, submit a revised portfolio by Week 11 or 12.
  • Before attempting the Timed Writing Assessment, attend a timed assessment strategy seminar.

The Writing Studio at the ARC

During the fall semester, LIBA 100 students are invited to come to the Writing Studio at the ARC on the first floor of the Murdock Learning Resource Center (the library, same room as ARC) to meet with a writing studio instructor for advice on essay assignments, drafting and revising, portfolio preparation, timed writing assessment strategies, and so on. Students can also make appointments with their writing studio instructor through email.

The Writing Studio at the ARC is open in the fall semester in Weeks 3-13, Mon-Thur, 9am-1pm and Fri 9am-12pm.