Graduate School of International Student Admissions

Our international students are an important part of the George Fox University community and campus activities in the learning process and have faith that a very significant contribution to the world Welcome to the School of jiwonsaeng. 

George Fox University is a master's and doctoral courses in various fields in the area. For more information on the program, Graduate and Seminary Admissions website.

Application requirements, deadlines and procedures vary for each graduate program, jiwonsaeng any application materials must comply with the entry requirements and what is needed to know exactly how you need to contact in order to pursue an academic program.   

On the whole, jiwonsaeng is admitted to graduate study abroad before, you must submit the following data:

  1. A completed graduate application form application form
  2. $ 40 application fee
  3. CV and 800 words essay describing academic purposes
  4. 3 letters of recommendation
  5. TOEFL or International English Language Proficiency Test (IELTS) score
  6. University transcripts (both in English and in the languages ​​of this applicant)
  7. Financial report Declaration of Finance, and proof of family income and bank statements

Jiwonsaeng study abroad to help the application form under the procedures laid What You Need to Have it:

  1. Eligibility for admission
    to graduate school admission in any program, jiwonsaeng recognized by the Ministry of the country a four-year college or university program, the final grade point average over the course of two years in the United States in terms of the average of 3.0 in the same must obtain a bachelor's degree credit.
  2. Prove English proficiency
    TOEFL score of all foreign graduate students is 80 (inteonaet based) or IELTS 6.5 is required. Grades are to be sent directly from the testing agency to manage - copy the purposes of admission procedures will not be accepted.
  3. Demonstrated academic ability
    and what specific tests are needed to determine the grade you selected, please review the requirements and. For graduate programs in a variety of standard tests are prerequisites. GRE, GMAT, and MAT test is commonly used. For admission to the first grade is usually 60 to 75 percentile. For more information, please contact the specific department.
  4. Transcripts
    of all completed accredited university and graduate transcripts are required. Documents in other languages ​​than English, please submit a certified translation. Please note: The grade table, computer print outs, information, education transcripts will not be tolerated. All credits earned at other universities in the United States, approved our transcript evaluation partnersmust be evaluated by one of the.
  5. Letters of recommendation
    for admission to graduate programs who want all jiwonsaeng, the relevant departments in the achievement of the printed paper using a sealed envelope, the address is sent to selected major is required for a professional recommendation. Master's degree, if any, must include the recommendation of the major professor. Jiwonsaeng credit recommendation, academic attitudes and morality clearly and directly related to the core will be addressed. 
  6. Financial documents
    for all international students while attending George Fox University can pay tuition and living expenses must prove that sufficient financial resources. Each student with a certified bank certified proof of income and proof of funds must be submitted with the financial report. Certificate and a letter Make sure that the latest date. Certificates for more than six months will not be tolerated. Table shows the estimated current cost of Student Financial Servicesweb page can be found in the
    immigration section of the program, except for an internship related to most of the international students and their families to work in the United States prohibited. These are typically does not provide financial numbers. This follow geumssik campus employment opportunities are limited, although some, these things are present, you can not be counted as part of financing in America during the family can not work for any reason.

All admission documents are ready, once all documents are to be sent to the address below, ensure that:

Office of International Admissions
George Fox University
414 N. Meridian Street
Newberg, OR 97 132, USA

Contact Information

This is not the answer if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Jennifer Farland
Assistant Director for International Admissions
International Enrollment Services
Phone: 001-503-554-6028
Fax: 001-503-554-6111