Adult Degree Program Graduation Requirements

The following policies outline the requirements in order to receive a bachelor's degree through the Adult Degree Program.

An ADP student wishing to receive a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree must meet the following requirements through transfer credit and through the 16-month, 36-credit major. The major is considered a residency requirement at George Fox and cannot be substituted with transfer credit.

General Education Categories/Requirements Semester credits Quarter credits
Communications (must include a college-level writing course) 6 9
Health and Human Performance 2 3
Humanities 9 14
Social Science 9 14
Math 3 4-5
Natural Science 3 4-5
Electives (learn how to earn credit from life/work experience)
58 87
Major (all credits completed at George Fox)
36 N/A
Totals 126 189


Students are expected to maintain satisfactory academic progress while enrolled. The following academic policies apply, absent extraordinary circumstances.
  1. Accumulate at least 126 semester credits with a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.0;
  2. The GPA is computed on work taken at George Fox University only;
  3. Complete at minimum the 16-month, 36 credit major with no grade below a C-;
  4. Complete the general education requirements;
  5. Complete at least 36 semester hours in residency - the major is considered the residence requirement;
  6. File an Application for Degree form no later than two semesters before expected graduation;
  7. Pay in full all accounts at Student Financial Services

In order to participate in commencement and baccalaureate ceremonies, a student must have completed all degree requirements.

*updated 3/3/14